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Are you a Loser or Gainer?



I was wondering if people could, in brief posts, summarise if when they began exercising, they intended to put weight on, or lose weight.

I understand that for some this is too simplistic, but lets try. I'm asking so that we can all get a decent idea of what most people on the site looked to do (in general terms): Lose OR Gain?

Myself: GAIN


In the beginning a month before I found this site in July '08 I was loser for around 3 months. I looked flabby at 6' and 215 lbs so over the next 3 months I brought my calories down to around 2000 a day (unwisely) and lost 25 lbs. The details and pics are on this thread:


I was gonna keep going until I was ripped with a 6 pack but then I snapped out of it and realized how small I was. And how good it felt getting stronger so now I'm a gainer. I'm back up to 210 lbs and on a bulk with a goal of 230 lbs. I just made a thread about that as well:


So I've been both but I'm committed to be a gainer for at least the next 12 months.


When I started, I was 15 and boxing/competing in full contact kickboxing. At the time I wanted to get as strong and fast as I could without leaving my weight class. Now it's somewhat similar but with strength as my priority but still attempting to preserve my speed and agility. That's why I like to stay down more around 195-200 than up to 235-240lbs.


It is all dependent on diet. I was an idiot eating all the junk food I wanted and lifting only 3 times a week and gained a crap load of weight/fat. So I guess I was a gainer - not the good kind (muscle).

If I was smart (which I am NOT), I would have gotten ripped (at least under 10% bodyfat) then I should have done the smart bulk that Shugart and Thib talks about/writes about in articles.

I know many people will say that most bodybuilders do not do this type of thing, but I am a wimp and I did not and still do not want to take steroids, GH, insulin, etc... to do the dirty bulking that most bodybuilders routinely do.

Edit: It was my mistake for not writing more clearly in my original post. When I was referring to bodybuilders, I am referring to at least NPC national level heavyweights and/or pro bodybuilders at 300+ pounds, not wannabe's (including myself on this site.)


Pre lifting me weighed in around 175 -180 at 5'9" in a semi skinny fat body. I started lifting to build muscle which meant obviously gaining body weight.

I currently fluctuate between 200 to at times 215 and like to keep it in this area. I have been up to 230 and felt fat and awful.





Yup because every person who bulks successfully takes steroids,GH, and insulin...these people who joined in 09 never cease to amaze me.




Sorry my mistake, I guess you got to 300 pounds of muscle with a little added fat all naturally and I could not. Like I said I am dumb and weak, I do not deny that fact. It is my fault to assume that generalities that I write on a post, will mean to you to include everyone on earth, even the exceptions like you.

Edit: I forgot to add I am also short - 5'10". Again, my mistake and apologies.


haha, this was me when i first found T-Nation.


Kind of brings up something that bothered me. That last "Get Big Without Getting Fat" article. I think it was from even early this week.

Why is Shugart writing about getting big?


how old were you in that pic?

reminds me of Hussayns before pic, he looked like he gained about 15 years in addition to 100 pounds of muscle.


b/c its just about not getting fat. plus everyone calls him on his bullshit so i guess he decided to try and write a program to prove his point.


Because most of these newbies are ignorant enough....or lack any real motivation to truly stand out....to listen to him.

I'm still waiting on the "big" people he's trained that got that way by following that advice to the letter. They sure as hell are hard to find.


Loser (started at 205 pounds, mostly fat)

Slow gainer (162 pounds up from 142, and counting)


Originally I just wanted to lose fat, I'm short at 5'6" MAYBE 5'7" if I push my luck, and I was 155lbs with a large (for me) beer gut. Got rid of that and now for the past 2 years I've been working on Gaining - although it's only been a couple of months since I had my daily calories figured out and am SLOWLY gaining some weight.


When Shugart keeps writing articles like that, what do you expect?


If that's you in your avatar, I am guessing you do not represent the average "T-Nation" reader.

Great progress so far.


For TC and staff to change the name of the site because "testosterone" left the building a long time ago?


Holymacaroni, if that is you in the avatar, your name is very fitting. Great progress.