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Are you a Greek God?

Ever seen those pictures of the ancient Greek and Roman statues of the studs of yesteryear? Sure you have.

You know, the guys with a little fig leaf covering “Mr. Happy” who were were muscular, yet not overly bulked-up, and definitely appeared to have have recently been using Hot Rox while on the T-Dawg 2 diet?

Well, get this. There was actually a calculator, developed over 2,300 years ago back in classical Greece and ancient Roman times, that sculptors used then, and have used ever since to create their statues with the “ideal Grecian proportions”.

And now, thanks to the Sandow Museum (you know, the guy on the Mr. Olympia trophy), you can determine what your ideal Greek proportions should be, based on your bone structure!

I posted this site awhile back but it’s actually kind of fun, so I though I’d post it again for you newer peeps.

Click here, see the results, and after you dry the tears and blow your nose, post what you think.

hey! mine is reasonably close to what i am. just need to add a bit to my arms, lose a bit off my chest, and gain a bit on my waist! hehe. no thanks.

hey, didn’t victor richards claim to have like 12" wrists??

here are his idea proportions according to his wrist size:

chest: 78"
waist: 54.5’
hip: 66"
bicep: 28"
forearm: 22.6"
thigh: 41"
calf: 26.5"
neck: 29" (OMFG! LOL)

Wow all i can say is that is weird!

Pretty cool.

Turns out i have tiny wrists though. Damn.

If it wasn’t for the extra 4 inches on my gut, I’d be close.

Good one, doogie! Yeah, it can be a little frustrating, that’s for sure.

Kind of surprising how close it is on other measurements, though!

Vic Richards is funny

Actually I’m pretty close too, just my arms are a bit small.


I’m pretty close but that doesn’t make me any happier or less obsessed.

Kidding. Not about the being close part.

Dave876, I just did mine again (it’s been about a year) and I agree, it is kind of weird.

Especially seeing as how the formula was devised so long ago.

I’m a little off one way or another on some, and real close on others but, damn!

Those guys did a pretty good job!

I have a tiny 6" wrist.

Here is a comparison of some of my actual vs. “ideal” proportions. (Don’t laugh!)

Ideal 39
Actual 40

Ideal 27.3
Actual 29

Ideal 14
Actual 14

I am about to do 3 weeks of ABBH, I wonder how that will effect this.

Yes, that’s what they tell me.


I was pretty close too, other than the fact that there is no way in hell I will ever have a 31" waist.

Damn, almost dead on but, I don’t think I will ever have a 29.72" waist. The 34" one I have ain’t bad though.

I had the waist until I started doing heavy squats and deads without a belt. That said, I wouldn’t trade my back now for my waist then.

John K i have the same wrist size and the proportions are pretty dead on to mine…it is very cool how they could figure those formulas out so long ago

Thanks for the site!!

Looks like a lot of us are, well, pretty close, so I’m wondering…

Are there any jobs out there for guys that are qualified to pose for sculptors working on their next Greek God statue?


I’m 1/2" off on the chest, 2 over on the waist, neck, forearms, calves dead on, 3/4" over on thighs, and 1/4" under on biceps. That’s pretty close and the chicks say my ass is a thing of beauty (deadlifts and squats are cool).

Now if I just had my hair back…

My proportions were almost exact before I started meltdown training. I lost 15 pounds of muscle and gained 10 pounds of fat.