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Are you a Greek God?

We’ve all seen pictures of ancient Greek and Roman statues of the studs of yesteryear. You know, hardly any clothes, buff, with what were thought to be the ideal physical proportions for that time period.

And granted, most of the guys didn’t look that bad from a physique standpoint. Nicely proportioned, fairly cut, and without the bloated, 'roided out look of todays so-called"physique gods".

Well the Sandow Museum (you know, Eugene Sandow, the guy emulated on the Mr. Olympia trophy) has put forth a calculator that can determine your ideal “Grecian Proportions” based on your bone structure. All you need is your dominant side wrist measurement.

The formula used for the calculator is purported to go back over 2300 years to the days of Classical Greece and Ancient Rome times, and has been used in the centuries since by many great sculptures for their statues.

Obviously, the formula is based on subjectivity, but it’s fun to do anyway.

Check it out here and post what you think.

I think I’m a Greek God.

I think that guy from that statue might be compensating for something.

I match EXACTLY most of the measurements, except the biceps and neck size. You can just call me an American God.

Actually, I’m only a minor deity.

But my penis is much larger than those statues’.

(Seriously, though… I’ve been to that site before. It’s pretty cool. I more or less agree with the proportions.)

hmm well. Maybe I have small wrists. 'Cause according to that I’m the size of 2 greek gods put together.

My dominant side wrist? That’ll really skew things. We have long, cold winters up here in Calgary and I can hardly keep my hands off myself.

“But my penis is much larger than those statues’.”

Yeah, the calculator for the “ideal physique” seems to have left out one very important detail…

The picture of the bearded greek statue standing right beside the kneeling statue are too much for me.

Greeks, fathers of democracy… and man-love.

just because someone has the means to write about something does not mean they invented it. i just felt that a previous comment was stupid. laters pk

Surprisingly, my current measurements are right on or very near to be the “Grecian Ideal.”

That’s pretty accurate to the look I would like to have. It’s funny, but my brother always says I look like Michaelangelo’s statue of David. That’s cool and all, but I want to look more like Hercules!

Relax, I was kidding.

Interesting. I think they might have been a little easy on the waist, but I won’t complain. I was over on some measurments and under on others. Kind of fun.

Because I only have a 6" wrist the measurements I need to meet are not overly ambitious.

Not sure if you were kidding or not, but that is correct. The Greek athletes were encouraged to be with other male athletes in a sexual way. So bisexuality was quite common in those days.

Interesting. But true.

Wouldn’t it be possible to fit these measurements and be fat? I mean it’s not accounting for bodyfat, weight, or height? Not really a useful tool but I guess I’ll take it for what it’s worth. According to this my legs don’t need any more size. I’ll have to politely disagree w/ the Greek Gods here. I will admit I can use another 1" on my upper arms, a few on my chest, and take an 1" off my waist. This will be accomplished by June.