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Are you a creator?

Just got this idea from another thread.

Any of you modify/create an exercise to make it your own?

I’ve used EZ bar Push presses to work on my log press, lets call it the MacFarlane Press. I find it hits the ant delts much harder and mimics the neutral grip of most logs closer than a regular military/push press.

What have you come up? Its probably something you keep a little secret, something that gets weird looks at in the gym, something that the ‘trainer’ will explain to you is dangerous and better accomplished on a machine.

Overhead pistols. (One legged squat with leg held in front off the deck, weight held in one hand overhead)

Yay for stupid human tricks!

I perform my reverse Hypers by placing a Swissball on a Flat bench and tying a band from the bench to my ankles.

You don’t get the same pump nor can I use heavy weights, But I find it good for high reps schemes (20 reps).
Sometimes I superset with GM’s.