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Are You a Bodybuilder or Powerlifter?


Are you a bodybuilder (in the sense that you care a bit more about looks then function) or powerlifter?

If Bodybuilder:

For how many years have you been training?

Do you follow a bodybuilder type split routine or whole body type workout?

Cardio (y/n) if yes how often:

Are you currently close to your goal look?

****Optional post a pic of your ideal physique---if you have reached or are near your goal--post a pic of yourself.

If Power lifter:

For how many years have you been training?

What routine do you follow?

Cardio (y/n) if yes how often:

Are you currently close to your strength goals?

***Optional---what is your ultimate goal in the 3 major lifts?


typical bodybuilder type split
cardio 15 minutes on off days in the am
5 months out from my goal
goal-my avatar


Bodybuilder that incorporates alot of powerlifting into routines

I think its been around 7 or 8 serious years now with breaks only due to serious injuries

I change my workout very frequently. I often do alot of splits, but also do circuits similar to meltdown training (which I think is awesome), and occasionally will switch to full body workouts for 2 weeks or so

Cardio, I do sparingly. I like to think of it as the icing on the cake. When I want to lose fat, I do two things: tighten up my diet and change my workouts to be more condusive to fat loss (aka meltdown type training). I will do cardio once to twice a week if I have found my fat loss has stalled, and even then it is low intensity.

I used to train for shows, but haven't had any desire to for over a year now and don't know that I ever will again. As of right now, I don't have any specific goals in the gym, other than not losing the hard work I have put in over the last 7 or 8 years.


spilt vs. whole body workouts...is kind of where I was going with this....

I wanted to see if people who have come close or reached thier goal use the same routine...

would have been cool to see if we could get some data from T-Nation members...


powerlifter, atleast id like to be one

2 1/2 years

a metal militia type routine

not much cardio of late

my goal for when the school year ends is, 315 bench, 405 squat, 495 deadlift, kind of far off but a realistic goal

ultimate goal? not quite sure


I'm more of a bodybuilder because I never competed in any meet, but I do use a lot of PL and OL stuff to make myself bigger.
- almost 3 years
- I've been on whole body type for about a year now and I've seen a lot a gains and it's a lot more fun.
- no regular cardio but I would benefit from it, so...
- goal look ? I don't really have a goal look, I just want to look bigger (easy part) and leaner (hard part).


Im neither. Im a corrections officer and amateur MMA fighter and train mainly for performance but looks are a nice bonus. Ive been weighttraining for 10 years but half of that time I didnt have a clue to what I was doing. I do fullbody weight-workouts 3x week...

I do cardio 2x week and MMA 2-4x week...

Im 6'1 and about 195lbs. Goal is to be about 205-225. I DL close to 400lbs (180Kgs), bench about 300lbs (135Kgs) and squat about 375lbs (170Kgs). Goal is to DL 450lbs, Squat 450 and Bench 330lbs. (And to look good for the ladies too...)


Bodybuilder: First competition in 1995

Did mostly splits for the first 10 years and started total body stuff about 3 years ago. I rotate everything about every 4 to 6 weeks. I think everything has it's place for a period of time. The big thing is eveyone is different and there is no one great way to train. As far as the perfect body, I don't think you'll find a bodybuilder ever reach his ultimate goal. Just like you, when you achieve your avatar I'll bet you'll think your to small or something is lagging, that's just the human nature. Later, T


interesting thread.

currently im 204lbs approx 12-14% bf at 5'9".

would like to be around 210lbs at a little less than 10% bf. i say that because i want to be "lean and mean" but i have no desire or need to be super low/BB contest condition.

images that i keep in mind are van damme (in kickboxer, bloodsport, nowhere to run), stallone (in rambo 3), wahlberg (in fear). i say these are images i keep in mind because i really dont know height/weight/bf%/measurements of these guys, but i think wed all agree that theyre all under 6'. also, i understand that even if i were the same numbers as any one of these guys that doesnt mean wed look the same or even similar, hence the reason these are just images i keep in mind.

ultimately, id like to be pretty jacked, but also have the power to back it up.

my training is mostly full body rountines. started off the full body with CW's TBT then lost focus on the squats, then when i realized that id lost focus i decided id go with CT's OVT for a change. did a week of that and i really missed my full body rountines. so im just getting back into a TBT type rountine. i say TBT type because im just going into the gym picking 4-5 compound moves and lifting heavy for usually 3, every now and then a 4th set.

before i give lift numbers i should explain that i had knee surgery about 4 years ago and ever since it has made me a pussy with squatting. there is really nothing wrong with the knee now, just a mental thing, that i can and will get over.

that being said, current numbers:
squat: 315lbs
bench: 335lbs
deadlift: 405lbs

i hesitate to put 345lbs for bench and 425+ for deads, but i will not because even though i feel like i can get them, the numbers above are numbers that i actually have done. another thing i will mention is that for deads 405lbs comes off the floor pretty easily, but 450lbs i cant even budge. im thinking my legs would be the weak link here, specifically glutes...i dunno.

anyway i guess goals are to look more jacked, and get my numbers up to:
squat: 500lbs!!!
bench: 400lbs
dead: 500lbs

personally, i think its pathetic that i bench more than i squat. if it were a freak thing where i benched 600 and squatted 550 i wouldnt care too much, but clearly my bench isnt bigger than my squat because of a freakishly big bench, only reason is that i dont do for squats what ive done for bench, so thats the biggest thing i need to work on. i think im getting off topic though...

i think i train more like an old-school BBer? regardless of what it is, i like it. how close am i to my goal? i dont think im faaar off, physique wise, but ive got my work cut out for me. PR's-wise, ive got a ways to go.

good thread though, i think this is interesting, looking forward to more responses


BodyBuilder since 1977
1 on 1 off,2 on 1 off, routine
Cardio 45 minutes,4 times/week
No pics,i prefer anonymity
Currently training for CFBB Nationals and IFBB World Championships


If Power lifter:

For how many years have you been training?


What routine do you follow?

Currently a Westside. Have also done 3x3's, 5x5's and a whole slew of stuff I tried and discarded.

Cardio (y/n) if yes how often:

I kickbox 1 day a week and when its nice I try to walk for an hour whenever I can. I also play softball in the summer.

Are you currently close to your strength goals?

***Optional---what is your ultimate goal in the 3 major lifts?

I would like a 500 Squat. Currently 405
A 315 bench. Currently 260. Had a high of 290 6 months ago, but had a shoulder injury, so I'm working back up to it.
A 500 Deadlift. Currently at 440.

I'm 5'10" and weight about 222. I'm gonna be the double 4's in a couple of months, but I want to say that since I started training and eating better and such, I feel great.



For how many years have you been training? 1 and a 1/2 plus years

Do you follow a bodybuilder type split routine or whole body type workout?

split, modified with lots of compund moves, but split through and through..

Cardio (y/n) if yes how often:

not now while bulking, other than ten minutes of stairs pre lifting

Are you currently close to your goal look?
yes, i can "see the finish line"


goal is legs like this guy


and top similar to this guy



I've been seriously training for 4 months, but have been workong out on and off for the last 3 years.

I follow a mix of Chad's Waterbury method (10x3 and 4x6), along with some stuff from westside, and from Joe Defranco.

No cardio

Close to my goal? Not quite I wanna be about 185-195 lb and right now I sit at 150-155.

and my goal for this summer for the big 3 is.

Bench 225
Squat 315
DL 350

at a weight of 185-190.


I don't consider myself a bodybuilder since I don?t plan on competing and I care more about function than looks 60/40 would be a good ratio.

I?ve been at this for almost 9 years now I used to do a whole body routine when I first started but went to doing splits I found it allows me to focus more and I see better results. In the future I plan going back to whole body routine just so I can get out of my comfort zone.

As far as Cardio is concerned I don't do it the entire year 4 months out of the year when I do cardio it is usually sprints. I concentrate more on my diet if I want to get leaner.

I'm 5'9 179lbs .

my number are

squats : 495 x 2 this is a little below parallel goal 495 x 1 ass to grass
bench : I haven't bench in a while last time 1 year ago it was 365 x 2 mainly use dumbbells now I haven't done max before on that my last set is usually 120x5 on inclines I don't do flat. goal 135 x 5 incline

Weighted dips: 90lbs 5sets for 5reps
Deadlifts : I did them tonight finished my last set at 450 x 3 goal is 500 x 3

Weighted pull-ups : 45lbs 5x5 haven't tried max on that my goal is to work up to doing it one handed with my bodyweight

I?m close to my goal which is to increase size on my calves and arms (weak points)

Here are two pics of me taken during the summer I don't bulk so i look like this year round


pic 1


pic 2


i dont goddamn understand how you are 179lbs!!!!


great job man.


I'm a bodybuilder that also trains for strength. I'm entering my first comp in Oct. and am now piecing together the fine details of competing. Watching Da Freak goes through his transformation for his competition was very inspiring, and I want to do the same.