Are Weight Vests Worth It?

I currently live near a very steep hill I can run up for conditioning but I’m moving to university where it’ll be very flat and I’ll be training in a commercial gym so no sled or prowler. Would walking with a weight vest on be sufficient? The one I’m looking at weighs up to 30kg (66lb).
Further to my first question could you run with one or use it in other ways? I want to start doing a lot more loaded carries so I thought it could help with those.

I’ve had one for years and I use it often. Its more work than you would think to walk around in one for 30 min and gives the traps a good working. I like it and think it was a good investment.

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Worth it. Even leisurely walks with a weight vest give you a good workout without being taxing. It’s like efficient slow cardio.

Okay thanks guys I’ll probably get one then.