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Are We Moving Toword a New World Order?


The New World Order has always been dismissed as bizarre conspiracy theory shit, but in light of recent events it appears probable that the world elite are engineering a financial crisis to create the need for a new international currency, the emergence of which will override the sovereignty of nations and eventually subjugate Americans to an authoritarian world government.

Ron Paul himself has said that he thinks the goal is One World Government. David Rockafucker made some fucking quote about how "all we need is the right crisis and people will accept the NWO" or something to that effect.

George Bush Sr. made a speech about the New World Order that can be found on youtube.... then today I'm watching MTV and during a commercial break they have a clip of the Eye of Providence, the symbol of the illuminati, dancing around on screen to Kanye West.

Now I don't mean to sound like a nut job but all of this shit is pretty fucked up the ass if you ask me. Just what the hell is going on here?


Inbodah!!!!!!! INBO!!! INBO!!!
(Kudos if you get the reference.)

I'll believe it when I'm fighting it.


Bush was not talking about world government when he said that. I am not worried about world government any time soon. More pervasive but mundane loss of our sovereignty is real, however.


Last night I got really bored and spent an hour or two on youtube watching all these "new world order, the jews did it, illuminati, skull and bones, CFR, PNAC, etc....." videos. And I got to thinking.....

OK, say there IS a secret organization of people who have been planning world domination for the past 30-40 years.... Maybe even longer..

OK, so these people, when they hatched up their nefarious scheme to control the world, were likely between 40-70 years old when they brainstormed the idea.

This was at least 30 years ago. Probably longer.

So these guys would be 70-100 years old today... Right? Probably older than that.

My point is..... Why cook up a good "take over the world" plot, that will take many decades to achieve, if you aren't going to be alive to enjoy it?

It's like planning for your vacation in the Bahamas, when you are 90, that will take you 20 years to save up for. You'll be dead by the time you can enjoy your vacation. So it doesn't make any sense to save up for it.

Just some random thoughts.


Given how absolutely ignorant and outright stupid a lot of our voting population is, I wouldn't be shocked if an elite simply took over. Just as you or I would not give a loaded gun to a child, do you really think it is responsible to give voting power (and the ability to exert real power) to people who list a park bench as their home address?

Humanity would probably be better served if an elite actually did run things.

Besides, Nomi (Nominal Prospect) promised me Australia, even though my mom was Jewish. Always wanted to live in OZ.


Clearly they're working with the pharmaceutical companies to hoard all the secret cures for cancer for themselves so that they can live to enjoy the NWO. It's all connected man!


Just because some shit is available on the Internet that doesn't mean it's credible.


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Bradman has been given the arse. Headline of the paper hadn't been seen for 80 years "Bradman Dropped From Test!"


I do not believe it will be like all the conspiracy nuts think, but I see no other option than a one world government. Our world was not designed to support this many people. It would also fulfill prophecy from the bible.


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Vroom, you shouldn't speak so negatively about your posts.

Seriously though, I think a one world government is the eventual reality that will beset the people of earth, Only I think it needs to arise out of the people just like our government did. I don't think it will work yet, as a majority of the population is still much too diverse. I would say in another 1000 years the world will be ripe for it. English or chinese will be the only 1 or 2 languages used. Probably english because it's just a faster language. When the entire planet is speaking the same language literally, I think world government can work. There is still too much lost in translation IMHO to have some dude speaking another language feel right governing you.

Also there is the dark side of a potential world government, total control means no opposition, if they want to open slave camps, reduce world population etc... there is no one to stop them. A police state would probably be the most stable idea if they had to make unpopular decisions, you know, things where they think they know whats best for humanity, even if it's wiping a few billion people off the planet. I'm not saying it's gonna happen, but i'm saying it could happen.



Hopefully, by that time we'll have rediscovered the (by then) ancient wisdom of federalism.


A world government will never happen. Look at the Empires built in earlier history. The Romans controlled most of the known world at the time and they couldn't keep it together. The internal struggle for power will lead to any world governments fall just like the Romans. I mean how could one government control The America's all of Europe and Asia? It will never happen. There will never be one language either. People are just too stubborn to learn anything but their own language. I don't care how many Hispanics move to America I will never learn Spanish case and point.


Despite all of the other nonsense you've spouted, I actually agree with you here. Whodathunkit?

Globalization of trade is one thing. But anyone who truly believes 6.5 billion people(9+ billion by the middle of this century) will be able to be fully controlled, taxed and governed by one entity is fooling themselves. Religious and cultural differences make that improbable to begin with.

I could envision large unions of countries with one currency or common goal(as already occurs in Europe), but to think that this would lead directly to a one world government is a logical leap that makes little sense. To think that a union of Europe would all of a sudden unite with a union of the Middle East/North Africa and that they would in turn united with North America makes little sense.


We already have one world government. We simply don't know it. You can't resist what you are unaware of.


World government will eventually come into place one way or the other, but not in a conspiracy laden, clichee form. We already have some world gov. structures and they will rather grow then dissappear.

The pros:
Severe ecological problems can be dealt with at last (I'm not talking necessarily about global warming, which is of course important, but also about things like fresh water managment, taking care of the oceans and their arising problems etc.)

Limiting human population growth
Let's be honest: we should be very thankful for China's one child policy, as tyrannical and inhumane it is.

While I don't want to see something similar here, we still have to figure out a way to not overcrowd our ecological niche. Which we probably will without a "world president".
"Be fertile, increase in number, and fill the earth" my ass.

I don't think wars will be a thing of the past, at least not for a long time. It won't be one big cozy club from the "start". Depending on how you look at it, that is not necessarily very bad.

Bureaucracy, incompetence and corruption will be rampant at least in some departments.

The whole process of voting, representation and legislation will probably be not very democratic and could possibly frustrate a few billion people leading to ugly things.

As to securely guiding a world economy:
It's a nice thing to believe in Santa or the possibility that bureaucrats will be able to maximize humanity's creative and productive output.

No way this will ever happen. In a sense we already have a world government (and a world bank) and it's clear they're far from super competent. So there will be more free trade, but also millions of silly laws and regulations. Good times for lawyers.



Sure. It hasn't been that wacky a theory for a long time. We all know a world gov't structure; the UN is in place. We have a world bank system... really the only thing preventing it is a lack of contractual agreements between nations to be one big nation.

It is absolutely coming. The conspiracy theories are in the how and when.

I tend to believe this world wide economic slow down will play a huge role. Intentionally manipulated or not, the US private sector is in huge debt to the feds for buying our financial market out of impending doom, the feds are in turn indebted to the world banks, as are all other nations who put money in to the world bank system to begin with.

We can't just skimp on paying the contributing nations back as they can't skimp us either. We will have to reach some form of agreement and it will probably be to combine gov'ts and economies in place of paying back exorbitant debts with really high interest rates. This will be facilitated by the UN, largely behind closed doors and without any voter contributions, and will set one hell of a precedent.

Our economies are increasingly blending more and more tightly together as it is. With history as a guide, people and cultures follow money and gov't forms to regulate them. The new frontier will be financial give and take between countries, which we already have, and a world set of laws, which we also already have though they will be expanded upon. It will be gradual though.

Not that it is all bad. As long as we can all be ourselves day to day, kind of like Texas compared to California or New York. And America is on top. Any adapting will be to our culture.


Well that was uncalled for.


texas guy, I overskipped that link and must say it's pure nonsense.

It's like 200 AD, germanic barbarians arguing if Rome would take over the "whole world" and in what crazy, world they'd live in then.
In the end they accepted it eagerly and made it their own. And no particular crazyness made the sky fall.

The markets weren't manipulated by a elite caste, that is downright crazy. Do you have any proof or even a valid theory why this might have been the case?

Yes, western culture will be still the top dog for at least one or two decades, after that it's a new set of cards.

No, America is not on top anymore. The decline is partly (homemade) economical, and partly due to neo asia rising.