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Are We Beating Ourselves???

I want to let everyone know that I am not trying to offend anyone with my following feelings. It seems that ever since Tuesdays events, people in here have been more bitter and impolite with each other, than usual. I guess this is understandable, as we all have so many emotions. Is this what our attackers want? For Americans to become divided among each other, due to the disagreement on an issue? How can this enemy be defeated, when we’re too busy arguing with each other? Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitles to thier own political views. However, I think these disagreements should be freindly, not relationship ending. I guess what I’m getting at is that our attacker cannot beat us, but we can beat ourselves by not remaining united.

You’re right, however when you post stupid threads about being afraid of an “arab looking person or something” in a campus library, then you invite harsh replies. Now is not the time to get carried away like that. And remember–you don’t have to post in the first place!! Do something else if you’re upset. Let intelligent people post during this time.

We might bicker here but polls show over 91% of Americans are willing to kick some ass over this thing. When it gets down to brass tacks we unite like no other country. The perpetrators of this tragedy didn’t understand that but they will learn, and the lesson will be an expensive one.

JD, that was a pretty shitty response. I guess if we are going to only let “intelligent people post during this time”, we aren’t going to hear from your sorry ass anymore. Why don’t you direct that pent up inner hostility in a useful direction?

Ok I will look like the mean one and profess the truth. First of all this paranoid behavior is part of the problem not the solution. It puts ill thought out fears into others heads. In other words posts like this one propagate fears and separation. Americans have fought over everything since day one. However, Just ask Britain what we are like when we unite. It is rediculous to think that Terrorists tried to divide us on the issue. You are drawing parallels on your own fears not reality. This board has always fought tooth and nail. If that bothers you then take a break from it or leave. Arguing is what solidifies belief. A believe held strong that has never been tested is the same as a couch potato saying he could do better than the tackle on a pro-football team (pipe dream). I have watched your posts since tues and you are progressively getting more and more disturbed. Take a moment to realize that there is no direct threat to princess that the tragedy is over and get on with your life. In a nut shell get a grip.

Actually, these terrorists don’t want to divide us, they want every one of us dead.

Knuckledragger…You are right about the fighting tooth and nail. If your idea doesn’t hold true on this board…no one will bullshit you. That is why I am here. And I also agree with Janowski.
It is competition that makes us better than them. God damn right I said “WE ARE BETTER THAN THEM.” Because we compete. If their ideas hold true then they wouldn’t control the information in those countries.

No, the terrosts more than likely won’t get caught, because they are among other people…hiding, or, are normal citicenzs in other countries, that are part of a terrorist group…It’s not something that you can just go to war. Second, the terrorists committed suicide when the crashed the planes. Also, they are’t going to break the U.S. up, I’m pretty sure they knew that… They just wanted to kill a lot of people, I know they’re terrorists…but they aren’t dumb enough to think they’ll destroy the U.S.? No, that’s not their intention, they are more like mass murders…& etc. And I have also heard, that in their religion they are supposed to go to their heaven or something like that for killing people & stuff. But terrorists trying to bring down the U.S. is like one cop trying to to bring down the Mofia…sure, you’re kill a few members…but bring down the whole thing? I don’t think so.


OK-Bob. If you go back and read all of the posts from princess you might understand my point of view. I was 1 of those who trashes whopper and Michelle for their flaming of princess. However, I’m not sure they were way off the mark. Idiotic posts deserve to be flamed. I think princess’ generalizations were petty at a time like this. You probably didn’t comprehend this post. If you feel that scared, the last thing you should want to do is go on the internet to possibly stir others up with gross inaccuracte generalizations.