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Are Water Based Injectables Safe

I have read that water based injectables have a greater chance of creating abscesses due to not having bacteriostatic water. How to is this, and what steps, if any, can implement to make it safe?

They’re less safe than oil based because water is a better carrier for bacteria and they are not made with any BA.

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Is the risk so much greater they should be completely avoided, or in your opinion are they ok as long as I use very clean pinning practices? This may be a really dumb question, but would heating up the gear and letting it cool before pinning help? I am planning my order for my next cycle, and it is coming from an UGL. Btw I took your advice on not using winstrol and have gotten more creative with diet and exercise while being on oil field locations for long periods of time. It hasnt been as impossible as I thought. Thanks.

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A lot of guys use water based winstrol without issue. It’s more of a risk/reward thing. So every injection has some risk. With oils it’s just lower than water, but still obviously not risk-free. Anecdotally winstrol injections hurt more than oil based ones. Some labs actually have winstrol inject in oil, which is attractive. And no, don’t heat the water. It won’t make it any safer. What makes you want to use the injectable vs oral? Not judging, just curious.

It was suggested that during an upcoming month off I use test suspension so I get quicker results in a short amount of time. I’m ok with pinning ED or EOD 100mg of test suspension. I want to inject vs orally because I’ve heard it’s easier on the liver. I thought you suggested not using winstrol. I still have 2 vials that I wasnt going to use. I still like the idea of the results winstrol produce, but not if one cycle can destroy my liver. Btw, is milk thistle a good liver support on any AAS?

Test suspension won’t be what you’re looking for. If you want fast results with ed or eod pinning use test prop. Suspension is extremely short-lived, like hours. Guys pin suspension multiple times a day. Prop can be done as far apart as eod with good results. Plus it makes e2 management much easier than suspension.

If you have your heart set on the winstrol and you’ve already got it then go ahead and use it. Just be mindful of the joint pain and try to avoid overdoing any lifts and pushing too hard. That’s how you get in trouble with that stuff.

As far as liver support TUDCA is kind of the gold standard. NAC is also a really good choice. You can use both, they won’t have any negative interactions. The problem with TUDCA is when to take it. For most orals you take it several hours after the half life has been hit. But with injectable winstrol it’s a little tougher because the half life is longer (because of the delivery mechanism). I’d say take it every night before bed, but that won’t be the optimal way to use it. But it’s better than not taking it at all.

It sounds like I need to stop listening to my buddy, because almost everything he has said or suggested hasnt been good info. I have found a better base of knowledge here.