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Are Very High Test Levels a Problem?

Hi thanks for looking at my new post
Long story short I had every symptom of low t been to docs for blood work been on 200mg pw which I know is high my test came bk at 60nmol which is around 1700 ng/do! Which is way higher than normal
She didn’t want to see me again as everything was ok
Question is is it gonna screw me up at that level long term?
40 years old no side effects whatsoever
All my symptoms like extreme fatigue joint ache muscle wastage etc has gone I know in hindsight I should have gotten them checked before using!
I am gonna drop to 125 mg
Thanks my res blood count vit d thyroid etc is all fine they tested everything

Post blood work if you have it.

1700 isn’t too high. It’s high, yes, but really your blood work will let us know if it’s too high.

Hows libido and arousal at that level? ALso, how long have you run that protocol?

Thank you for the reply!
I spoke over the phone not had full tests yet I know they checked
Vit d thyroid creatinine urea ferritin levels
C reactive protein everything was perfect apart from high t levels
I’ll get them next week when I go bk its very busy at my docs!
I assume the 60nmol is total test not sure on free t
She’s not concerned however I’ll go back for a chat for peace of mind
It really has made a huge difference to my quality of life um gonna lower to 125 150 pw see how I feel I know I risk perma shutdown in long term
I have 2 kids anyway!
My balls don’t seem to have shrunk I have no spots no itchy nipples its all good so I guess if I can stay at high levels without long term health damage then 5 mins per week is a small price to pay!
Thank again!

My libido is good btw but it’s been better in my youthful days!

Hemoglobin and hematocrit need to be watched with high amounts.

Good point @anon10035199 … I maintain a high level of T (over 2000) and I needed a blood let.

@ritchie225, I did some internet research on T levels and what was considered “acceptable”, and provided that to my doctor. Depending on your personal situation, higher dose T might be the way to go. But as the others said, you MUST keep up with bloodwork. My doctor wants to see a number of items, especially PSA.

Good Luck.

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Thanks for your reply pal I’m gonna drop to 150 pw see how I go I had a full count
Red blood cells are fine she doesn’t even want me back but the quality of life I’m having is unreal with no side effect so I’ll see how I got and go bk in a couple of months and have bloods done again. My bp is a little high
Generally sys is between 140 to 150 although sometimes when I’m completely relaxed its 120s but my dia is always in 60 or 70s so doc ain’t bothered about it. Thanks again