Are Truck Nutz Vulgar and Unacceptable in Public?

I ran across this story a while back, and finally decided on this thread.

I once was walking down a side street near where I was living at the time and saw such an item dangling from the trailer hitch of a parked truck. I marvelled at how anybody could actually flaunt such a thing around.

Imagery came through my mind of a man who frequents the prostitute corner, picks up a worker, and then a few moments later the door opens because the girl is fighting to get out.

Someone who has to wave it as a flag makes me wonder all kinds of stuff like that.

Depends on the brand of truck. Some of them need aftermarket balls.

I missed what you meant. It is likely some sort of humour, I just don’t get the reference.

A common American joke is that people who buy large trucks just to commute with have tiny dicks.

The concept of “overcompensating for something” was probably my favorite line in Shrek.


I’ve never been a fan of truck nuts. I prefer real artwork on my vehicle.



It was more about some truck brands being crap. So the overcompensating was for the truck, not the driver.

And I drove an F 250. :angry:

I am curious if this car was driven around a lot of places would a morality squad pull it over?

I can’t imagine GWAR actually has jurisdiction anywhere…

But to answer the question in the topic title: yes and no, respectively.


Fairly common in the redneck area of Kansas I’m from and frequently in. Never made sense to me. I know we’re supposed to think it’s tough or something but to me it sends a different message. This truck driver likes to have nuts on his rear.

I don’t know if its vulgar as much as just fucking idiotic. I could maybe see kids asking “what’s that?” But the teaching moment exists…oh son that’s a kid who never graduated high school.

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It was from an old Tom Green sketch where he surprises his father with the custom artwork on the car. You can find it on YouTube if you have a taste for low brow jokes.

I imagine such a vehicle would be in non compliance with a variety of statutes, depending on where you tried to drive it.

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Another Kansan in here??? I grew up in a smallish town but I’m in Wichita now.

I like the people who have upped their game and dangle the nuts that typically go on bolts. They’re creative rednecks, I guess?

Yeah I thought we had someone else from KC. Coffey County boy but been in Franklin a lot which has more rednecks. I have good friends in Wichita and my moms originally from Augusta.

Now that version of the hits on the rear is better. Not my thing but better than a swinging sack.

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There’s a little corner of the world just to the south of me called Fayette-Nam. It is there where you can see Durangos and Rangers from the '90’s roaming freely and sometimes mating with their truck nutz hanging free without a care in the world.


They go on your truck? All this time I’ve been hanging them from my fanny pack… That’s awkward


They send exactly one message, and that is that the owner of the truck is a moron. I can’t imagine another takeaway from seeing these.

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Also: here’s my overcompensation-mobile.


I’m thinking about slapping a pair of truck testicles on my overcompensation machine. Maybe a really obnoxious exhaust too.

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Do not forget flames shooting out the tailpipe!

funny, I tried it all in caps lock and got an error from the board.

You guys are doing it wrong. Lift that shit up. Get some crazy wheels. Get some nuts to dangle. Also it’s totally cool to have a cartoon pissing on a brand that’s different than yours. Got a Chevy? Pee on Ford.

Bonus points for the following:

Confederate flag.
American flag that says these colors don’t run.
America love it or leave it sticker.

I’m not trying to say everyone in the 12,000 person has a confederate flag bumper sticker but it’s definitely not an odd sight. And I’ve seen two people wear the below in the last year. One an older dude in Walmart and the other a teenage girl at school.

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