Are Too Many Omega-3 Fats Detrimental?

I’ve been over and over many articles that discuss the fact that Americans are getting too many Omega-6/9 fats, how the 3-to-6 ratio should be close to 1:1, ect. We know that having too many of the Omega-6 fats is not healthy and is closely related to a host of cardiovascular issues, among other things.

My question: Is the opposite true? If one was to consume too many Omega-3s in one’s diet, would another bunch of health issues start from this? Is it the 1:1 ratio between Omega-3s and 6s that is so beneficial to human health or is it the Omega-3s themselves providing the benefit?

Just as clarification… I’m in no way worried about consuming too many Omega-3s myself. This subject is just highly interesting to me and I would like to get a good discussion going on the matter.

I believe too much omega 3 (and it takes a LOT, think you’re an inuit eating seal blubber all day…) can lead to excessive bleeding. Like cuts that don’t heal or brain hemorrhage.