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Are Thin Fish Bones Digested?


Anyone know if the thin bones in fish get digested by our bodies. Had, some swordfish steak (mmmmm...) and swallowed a bone. They are very prickly and annoying. I wonder if anyone else has pondered the same question?


Unless they get stuck in your throat and choke you they're not an issue and will be digested. You can check out your crap for the next couple of days if you want to be sure.

And no... No one else has EVER pondered this question.


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They ALWAYS get stuck in my throat. I still eat fish though.


Canned salmon has thin soft bones and cartilege in it, and it counts on the label as a source of calcium (boned salmon will rate with less calcium).

I dodge the bones if possible just because they're nasty.


No. You'll be dead within a day.

Really, it's just cartilage, you eat other connective tissue like tendons and ligaments when you eat beef or chicken, and that stuff is tough as hell. I really don't think that those tiny fish bones will cause any problems.


Ok, so maybe I should have watched my word choice when I started the topic.