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Are These Tests Useful in Determining If I Have Good Levels?

Hi everyone

There’s a clinic nearby and this is what they can test for:

Obviously, there’s free testosterone missing. Can total testosterone and shgb give any indications on where I stand? What tests out of these would you recommend?

Depends, a bit on what you’re trying to find out, but assuming just if you’re low-t and this is the lab you have to go with
Total T
You can get an estimate of free t from an online calculator.

If you want to know primary or secondry hypogonadism as well add:

A lot of docs will check prolactin but you don’t need that right now, I think.

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Will test all of These. How indicative is a single test? Do these values vary strongly over time?

We need ranges, those numbers are meaningless without ranges. And you need two tests, it rules out possible lab error on the first one. That’s why insurers usually require two.

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Standard is 2 tests with low numbers, depending on who’s treating you. Trt clinics tend to be more liberal.

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I think those are the prices, he hasn’t run the tests yet.


Units are Swiss Francs :-). Doesn’t look like a range, just one price :-).

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Hahah sorry, those are just prices dude. I will post results here for interpretation though. Please check back to rate those :slight_smile:

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Here we go:

Everything seems ok I guess?
Test is below average, right?
What can you tell from these values?

Hi everyone

Got tested for shits n’ giggles and here are the results:

As far as I can tell, I’m a little below average in terms of testosterone and everything else seems fine, right? Ferritin is a little low so I could probably supplement some iron.

Any Thyroid experts see something strange for my TSH, T3 and T4 values?

Also, I’m in a very stressful period of my life. Broke up with my gf a month ago and pretty much ensured to lose my current job because of covid… I wake up almost having to puke each day.

If I’m not mistaken, a high degree of stress can greatly vary TSH and T3-T4
As for iron, not supplementary, I would try to include more foods with a high content of heme iron (animal origin) since it has better bioavailability and the body assimilates it better

It’s weird because I already eat red meat almost every other day. Apparently our family runs low in iron which is why I took the ferritin test. Could there be another underlying issue?

Honestly, I’ve been through constant stress for the past few years so these values might represent just that. What do they currently tell you? They seem in order, don’t they?

I am not the greatest expert, but to confirm it or not, you should repeat the complete analysis in 3 months and if possible with less stress to corroborate the results
As for iron, lentils, livers etc.

I probably will. And I hope my stress levels will decrease by then.
As for lentils, I eat a shit ton of lentils every day. They’re a staple food of mine.

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Perfect, you will tell us!

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