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Are These Testosterone Results Normal?

Hi all,

I’m 36 years old. Around 2 months ago I got my blood tested for Testosterone, along with some other tests like thyroid etc. While the other tests were absolutely normal, the testosterone test result appears to be a bit odd. Here’s the results:

                                                                                     Results                    Bio Ref. Interval

Testosterone, Free, Serum @ (RIA) 11.35 pg/mL 8.69-54.69

Testosterone, Total, Serum @ (CLIA) 477.81 ng/dL 164.94-753.38

Are the free testosterone levels normal?

Here’s the symptoms I’ve been experiencing since last 10-12 months or so, which prompted me to get my testosterone levels checked:

  1. Impaired orgasm/ejeculation during masturbation/sex. I mean only 1 or 2 times out of 10 I feel satisfied after ejeculation…was absolutely fine an year ago.

  2. Hair loss since last 3-4 years. Been using minoxidil to control it.

  3. Excessive body hair. Dark, coarse hair.

  4. Impaired sleep/insomnia since last 4-5 years.

  5. Recurrent muscle injuries/strains after mild-intense workout.

My diet plan is pretty good. I use Optimum gold standard whey protein, multivitamins, eat fish, chicken, lots of veggies, nuts etc. My appetite is normal. I work out 4 days a week.

I consulted an endocrinologist about this later, but he said the tests appear normal and you don’t have to worry about it. He gave me some ginseng supplement and that’s it. Been using it since last 1 and a half months but no effect on the quality of orgasm.

What do you guys think? Please let me know if you have any questions reg. this.

Many thanks!

How long have you been using minoxidil?

Around 2-3 years…on and off. Not regularly…

Any chance estradiol was checked? Would you post your thyroid results?

Didn’t get estradiol checked…no symptoms like gynecomastia. Here are Thyroid results:

Thyroid Profile, Free, Serum @ (CLIA)

T3, Free = 3.20 pg/mL

T4, Free = 1.13 ng/dL

TSH, Ultrasensitive = 4.261 uIU/mL

Blood glucose, Liver & Kidney panel, everything was normal.

Your main problem is endocrinologists are trained to treat the reference ranges and really have no idea what normal testosterone levels are for a particular age, it’s a numbers game to them and endocrinologists are the worse type of doctor to diagnose and treat testosterone deficiency.

Countless men have been told their testosterone levels are normal simply because their levels are within reference ranges, yet once they start TRT their symptoms disappear.

Your Free T is at the bottom of the ranges, SHBG is probably the most important test, it regulates testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormone and insulin. I suspect yours is higher than midrange and is why your Free T is on the bottom end. Low T and hypothyroidism equals hair loss.

Minoxidil can cause secual dysfunction similar to Post Finasteride Syndrome. Your hair loss is likely do to having hypothyroidism as indicated by high TSH, sometimes thyroid dysfunction doesn’t show up on lab testing well. TSH has a story to tell.

There is even medical literature of people with perfect thyroid labs who have all the classic hypo symptoms and once they start thyroid treatment, their symptoms vanish, as we age some of us become resistant to hormones at the receptor level and need higher levels to feel normal.

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Thanks for your reply. I’m pretty sure if I consult any doctor here in my city, he’ll say the result is fine and will give me a new supplement like ginseng/multivits every time lol…and tbh starting TRT myself appears to be kind of dangerous. Is there any online clinic, reputed one, where they guide you step by step to get appropriate tests done, recommend medicines, follow-up tests etc.?

Defy Medical is very popular and reputable, you wouldn’t want to start TRT working with a doctor in the sick care system anyway, they will refuse to optimize your levels to feel your best. Sick care doctors only care about in range, they are managing a number on paper and care not about how you feel.

This is how they can see 30 patients in an hour shift, they rush you and spend little time figuring out your case. It’s faster you get your numbers in range than it is to figure out your case.

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