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Are These Supps Any Good?


After reading lots of the articles on this site, I was quite shocked and it really opened my eyes.

Was wondering is Animal Pack/Stack/Nitro any good.

Is it the real deal?

Anyone have any past experiences and results with these products?


No, no they're not.


I was hoping to get a little bit more info.

Are they just junk then?




How do you guys know?


Never question Chuck Norris...


Magic 8 ball.


Seriously... I don't think you'll get much help about supps on this site unless you are stacking Biotest supps.

It's not that we work for the company or anything, that's just what we all use. The supplements Biotest makes have a reputation (not just on this website) for being high grade... The Filet Minon of supps. Most other supps get bashed on here.

And if you think otherwise...Chuck Norris and Mr T. WILL come after you.


What are the stack/nitro?

Animal Pak doesn't digest - the coating doesn't break apart to allow for digestion. You'll poop them right back out.



I find the comment about the animal pak not breaking up completely bogus. I currently take the animal pak and once i stacked it with the animal cuts (fat loss). I can definately say I didn't see really any results from the animal cuts and I would recommend HOT-ROX any day.

I do still take the animal paks though. You shouldn't expect much from them besides just filling in your nutritional gaps though. All it is, is a multi-vitamin with some amino acids. You probably won't feel any different but I believe they will help other supplements do their job better. As far as just shitting them out, I disagree.

My piss is bright yellow, which is a sign of excess vitamins in your system that you piss out. You wouldn't get that effect if they went through your system without absorbing.

In conclusion, I think the animal paks are good multi-vitamins if you buy them online at a discount (for around $19). I definately wouldnt say they are worth the $40 they retail for. As far as the other stacks and packs they make, I would just recommend sticking with Biotest stuff instead.


If you record what you eat for a few days/a week and break it down into micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc) you'll see that your probibly somewhat exceeding all of them, especially if you eat your veggies. Sometimes a multi is somewhat helpful; but just a cheap multi should do.


Ok, I've taken the old Animal Stak, the good one, with andro and 19nor and ephedrine and shit. I liked it. I saw results. My strength went up. My endurance went up. I got bigger. I broke out BAD. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it because you can't buy it anymore anyway. As far as the Pak and Nitro: ditch them. Get a regular multi-vitamin like MegaMen from GNC.

My $.02



All this talk and nobody cares what the goal of the user is -

If you want a good multi, the pak is great, but you'll pay a little more for it.

If you want an non-hardcore supp that offers some potential, the stak2 isn't bad. At least, I got something from it.

If you want a hardcore supp that will put on pounds of muscle and shred fat like a cheese grader, look for something else.


Unless you are Mr T. ...


ty, that was the message I was looking for. So its not bad but there ar ebetter products out there.

Just ordered a big bach of Biotest product anyways :smiley:


Animal pak - too much $$$$ - there are good multis out there at a fraction of the cost.
Animal stak - test booster with trib and longjack and NO boosters and other stuff. Low dosage of active ingr., expensive, and has useless stuff in it (i.e . NO booster). Alpha Male is a much better product - buy it here - I like it alot.
Animal Nitro (i think) is the NO booster - useless - I have tried NO stuff and it did nothing for me.


this is hilarious. 15 posts later, he finally gets his question answered. too bad chuck norris or mr. t didn't add their two cents.

good stuff


I live in the UK, I've been trying to find a site that sells Alpha Male. I managed to find one site with lots of Biotest products but it didnt have Alpha Male or Spike.

Any recommendations?