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Are These Side Effects Me?

Hi everyone,

I have run one cycle partially which was suppose to be 10 weeks of deca and testosterone enanthate but I stopped at 5 weeks since I had few issues such as palpitations, heart pounding fast and skin irritation. As a beginner, is this side effect of the steroids or my body cant adopt to the steroids? I have run all test regarding my health and everything is fine,ECG,liver test,blood test and so on even thyroid. Can anyone please advise me on this?

You haven’t posted doses. Amount of mg/wk of certain drugs can make a big difference to side effects.

In some people, deca has been known to cause a feeling of being more emotional and anxiety. Those go hand in hand and can cause a heart rate increase. And a panic attack is simply intense, acute anxiety. And if by skin irritation you mean acne, oil and the like, then yes that’s to be expected.