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Are These Scams or Not?

teragon labs?
anatech labs?

Guess what. 17 is too young to be using. Maybe you should spend the time you waste asking source questions every day and go throw some weight around.

And by the way google is your friend. If they have ever been mentioned on a board, you will find it. Stop relying on everyone here to do your work for you.

Does anyone know anything about Axio labs and steroid-shop.net

Does anyone know anything of Axiolabs or Steroid-shop.net

who’s 17? try googling them yourself little man,because I already did and nothing comes up. that’s why I posted here

whos 17?

I believe you wrote this in another thread

im 17 and weigh 205 with top abs visible and i can gain weight no problem,

wtf LOL typo but i’m still “young” either way