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Are These Lifting Numbers Realistic?


One of my acquaintances said that his lifting weight numbers were as follows:

Weight 150lbs
Squat - 315
deadlift - 360
powerclean - 240
standing press - 155

are those realistic for his size?


Oh, yes sir. Let me just take out my verification calculator.





nevermind... I was confusing kg and lbs...

I keep track of my own weight in lbs, but since I'm in Japan, I calculate weights in Kg's...
squatting 315lbs is quite different from squatting 315kg (~690lbs) LOL



So does he claim to squat 315 or 690? 315, easily believable. That's barely 2x bodyweight...not crazy impressive, but good. 690, no fucking way.

Besides, the RECORD for a GEARED deadlift in the 165 lb weight class is 793.2 lbs. He's claiming (if it's in Kilos) to have a 792 deadlift at 150...no fucking way.

So either his lifts are in lbs, and decent, or kilos, and complete BS.