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Are These Levels Dangerous?

First of all, my urologist’s lab always seems to read high. This was at the beginning of September, on 150mg/week of T cyp, injected ED. Seems a little unrealistic to me, esp given the E2 and FT compared to the TT.

Blood looks fine. Reason I ask is that I told my dr “I don’t care what my levels are, I feel fantastic.” After this I tried HCG, which included lowering my T dose to 130mg/week. HCG didn’t work so well, but I’ve stayed on 130mg since, and haven’t felt so great overall. But that’s besides the point.

The guys over on Excelmale freaked out over my levels below. Are they that dangerous? Are they even realistic on 150mg/week?

Switching from Empower to Perrigo this week and planning to go back to 150mg for a few months and then getting retested to see where I’m at and how I feel.

Thanks guys.


Numbers don’t seem that crazy. If you feel fine that is what matters. You are also injecting ED so no trough. I wasn’t too far off this when I was doing 140mg per week EOD.

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No, and yes. While there are individual differences when it comes to testosterone metabolization, think of guys injecting once a week with 1000ng/dL at trough. They are running higher throughout the week, maybe from as high as 2000 for a couple of days after injection to the 1000 at trough. You’re just hanging out in the middle with qd dosing.

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Appreciate it guys!