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Are These Guys Juicin?


I've trained with these guys before. I never really believed it when other people told me they were on steroids, after all, they work their asses off and are alot brighter than most of the boneheads that are into lifting at my highschool. However after reading T-Nation for a few more monthes and getting a bit more lifting experience i have began to wonder... Here is why;

1) They Train to failure on every excercise, often training for 2 hours each session, 2 times a day, 6-7x a week
2) One of the 2 in question went from 130lbs to 175lbs in under a year and is purely shredded. The other went from about 160 to 220 and is likewise shredded and beastly.
3) They train like i mentioned, and, get this, DON'T take any weeks off for recovery.
4) One of their Dad's is a former bodybuilder and takes his son's training very seriously; shows up to every practice, every game, and if the kid messes up, drops a ball, gets pretty angered.
5) There is a 3rd kid in the group that is not making much progress at all. He is about 190 and his bench max is probably about 160. He has been training with them the same amount of time, although his parents don't let him drink protein shakes, that is the only difference i could see (besides the possibility that the other 2 are juicing).

Are there some good ways to know if someone is juicing? Am i wrong for being curious?


I think you already know the answer to your question.




I don't see their gains as impossible. The bigger question is why do you care so much?


Why do you care? Are you looking for an excuse as to why you arent ripped by now but someone else is? Why they make progress but you dont?

Let me tell you something little one...
well, I really dont have much to say, but when I do, its gonna be pretty fucking profound so just watch out o.k?!?!



Plus, if one of their dad's is a former competitive bodybuilder, he knows what the hell he's doing.

It pisses me off when dumbasses assume someone is juicing when they're the ones that don't have it in them to train and make those gains. Put your work in and don't worry about other people so much.


after #1, its kinda obvious.


ok i did not make that last post so please ignore that comment


One thing that you need to realize about juicin'. To recieve the maximum benefits of a.a.s., you must bust your a-s-s.
Wether they are or not, you gotta love a work ethic like that.


I have to agree with the other guys. I think you know the answer to the question. It sounds like they are still bustin thier asses though. To each their own. Don't fault them for gains they're making in the gym.

If it bothers you so much talk to them about their diet, rest, and training. Maybe they're doing something you are not.


Also, are you with these guys all 4 hours every day they train? How can you really know what they're doing? They could be telling you that so you won't figure out the right way to train.

I sorta came off as a dick in my first post on this thread and I apologize for that. It just makes me angry when people say others are using steroids just because they don't have the same work ethic.


The thing is, i do have "the same" work ethic. These guys i can relate to the most. One of them is a 4.0 student. They don't do drugs like most of the jocks i know. So i really respect them. No i'm not jealous, yes i would like to see the same gains, but it is misleading when i see them going in 2x a day 7x a week thinking that i can do the same thing and get the same results. Its just ludicrous.

Also i know that steroids are not healthy for kids still growing, so i'm wondering what they are thinking since they seem to be pretty knowledgable. Since they have their diet down (i've talked to them ALOT about it) and know what they are doing in the gym it seems, maybe it is (get ready for this idea) OK for younger kids to be taking some (im sure they're not using as much as any BBer) roids, if under careful scrutiny... That is, besides the fact that its not available to the public and they are not telling the truth to their teammates.

I really see it as a moral question; These guys do 3 sports. Chances are we're going to State our Senior Year in these 3 sports. Is it fair that they have this advantage, and what if there is a drug test? Will our whole team be affected? Yes! first we couldn't afford to lose these key players, and second we could possibly be disqualified.



Wow, yep, IM the one making assumptions. People like YOU piss me off.

Edit: I apoligize, I kind of blazed through the responses and didn't read your apology. It's all good.


45 and 60 pound of muscle a year? Without even taking time off to let their bodies recharge and rebuild?

I think there's probably a lot more than motivation and hard work involved.


this isn't consistent so it could just be newbie gains.

hell i jumped like 30lbs.


Sorry bro, I have no idea what you're trying to say here.

How do you know for sure that that's what they're doing? They could be lying to you just so you don't get as big as them and take their positions, girls, whatever.

Of course it'd be ludicrous to think you can make those gains training like that. That's why T-Nation is so great. You know better.

You know better so why even think about it? It doesn't seem like your purpose behind this thread is to try to convince them steroids are a bad idea. All you're trying to figure out is whether they're using. Like I said earlier, WHY?

You don't know for sure that they're using steroids so you also don't know they're lying.

You're trying to turn this into a why steroids are wrong thread. Your original question was whether people thought these guys were juicing.

Even if you were to find out 100% sure that they were, what are you gonna do about it? Turn them in? What people do with their own bodies is their own choice and shouldn't bother you.

In my first year of training, I gained 40 lbs. Do you know how many people assumed I was on steroids? Gains like that are not uncommon, especially when your father is a former bodybuilder who knows his shit.

I'm not trying to attack you here, just trying to talk some sense into you. I can't imagine why you'd wanna post something like this unless you were either considering steroids, thinking of rattin on your teammates, or tryin to justify why you haven't made the same gains.

Follow the advice on this site and good luck to you.


Actually, None of those reasons. I too have gained over 40lbs in the past year. But i don't train 7x a week 2x a day with no recovery. So why did i post this thread? Because i am a curious mofo and i wanted to see what people had to say about it. How do i know they aren't yanking my chain? Well, i don't really, its just that i've trained with them and i know how they operate and now with knowledge from T-Nation i see that what they are doing is very suspicious without the use of AAS. They are also decent guys for the most part and my teammates. What would i do if i knew 100%? Probably confront them and ask them if they are willing to risk it for our team and for their future. Or just shrug it off. I certainly wouldn't start telling people, because believe me... Kids at my school have called creatine a steroid... there is enough talk going around and the general student body doesn't need to have another reason to think that kids getting in shape are on steroids.


So your parents don't let you drink protein shakes....what a shame....



Focus on why you're not making the gains you want and don't worry about what other guys are doing. If you don't do this you'll wate a lot of time worrying about something beyond your control. Stick to what you can control.


There's a biggg difference between 30 and 60 pounds. Going on #1 and #2 I'd say without a doubt on steroids. And to all the people who talk about not worrying about what other people do: do you consider yourself muscular? Using what standard? Why do you think there are bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions? So people can compare their progress. Do you think powerlifters/bodybuilders are being petty when they compete in drug free competitions?