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Are These Good Stacks?


are these good stacks to try and run?

  1. Primo and EQ?
  2. Primo, EQ and Deca?
  3. EQ and Deca?
  4. Deca and Primo?

Can test be included in any of these combinations? That's assuming they are viable combos to begin with.


Let me guess, you don't want to get too big and you are sensitive to high estrogen?

Test can be included in any cycle of any stack with success - what dose and in what manner will depend entirely on your goals, which i have no clue as to.

Of all the drugs you have listed, every single one, you would be better off stacking any of them with Test or a more 'Class II' steroid.

I personally think that for a relatively new user, as stack of:

Boldenone 400-600mg
Nandrolone 200-300mg
Testosterone 500mg

Would be highly anabolic (not just on the scale, but in actual muscle gained), and be relatively low in androgenic and estrogenic sides so, acne, prostate hypertrophy, aggression, gyno and water retention... etc.

Of course i would also recommend several ancillaries with it but that wasnt the topic of the thread.. :wink:



I am sensitive to estrogen, but not in the way of gyno but in the way of gaining more stubborn fat. I prefer cycles that are more edged out by the anabolic side then the androgenic side. Test makes me gain weight too easily all over and while i like it, i prefer a more dense compact physique.

I should also point out i respond very well to low dosages. The dosages you proposed would leave me bloated and full of side effects. I don't like to use more then 400-700mg weekly total. That's where i feel best mentally and physically.

I've read of a few vets speak very favorably of the deca /EQ stack, which on paper is not supposed to be optimal and they knew it, but tried it and were quite blown away. I should also point out that i like to cycle more for health and to improve my body as opposed mass at any cost, and i'm NOT saying that's you, so please don't misunderstand me.


Not vets here surely, as collectively (other than a few) this site hates Nandrolone!

I think EQ and Deca is a stack that has potential that's for sure, EQ from 400-600mg and Deca at 200mg. Those who do not are still under the misconception that they are very similar drugs after (what i believe was) a misquote from the famous Dan Duchane (which i have read somewhere he actually retracted but was after the 'damage' had been done).

Of course there are aspects to that cycle that need careful consideration though, namely the facts that Nandrolone is a Progestin that also has affinity for the aromatase enzyme, plus the fact that some men will find they need more androgen activity than Boldenone provides to support libido and optimal well-being.

FWIW - with the goals you mentioned, i think you would be VERY happy with something like 250mg of Test a week. This is no more than a pure extension of what 'god' gave you, providing somewhere from 2-5x the amount you provide naturally, supporting anabolism with very little increase in any negative side effects at all... even the lesser talked about ones!
Add to this an 'anabolic' that doesn't aromatise; 250mg of Masteron, 200mg of Nandrolone, 300mg of Boldenone, or just 150mg of Stanazolol then you wioll have just what the doctor ordered.

This is about as deep as i am willing to go i think, so have fun. I personally enjoy low dose cycles immensely for a slightly brighter than average outlook on life.



For the goals and concerns you've stated, low dose test + moderate dose tren would work fantasically, imo. Say test 250mg/w tren 350-400mg/w. The tren will keep estrogen in check, has a very potent fat-burning effect, and will give you the harder, drier, so to speak, physique you seem to be after.

The low dosage of test will provide some aromatization so that estrogen isn't driven too low (not good at all) and some healthy, hearty anabolism. Also strength gains are phenomenal with this stack. It's my personal favorite stack for many of these reasons (well, when dbol is included and the test and tren are both dosed high, actually, it's my favorite...but that doesn't sound like what you're after).


In the above example, the tren would NOT serve as a replacement for an AI, which, by the way, used properly, takes care of almost all of the problems you are concerned about on even a moderately high test/dbol cycle.


I had the impression that the OP wasn't after a physique based goal as you or i think of physique based goals Cortes (like hardness, dryness, vascularity [which is an aspect of many a bodybuilder's physique that i actually cannot stand incidentally]

  • but more one of an improved LIFE performance, strength increases, mental clarity and focus, increased confidence, greater sex drive and attraction and attractiveness to women (, men or both), improved (or not reduced at least) agility, suppleness and improved collagen synthesis, improved muscular performance and energy system output, positive nitrogen balance, increased fat loss and improved general composition of mind, body and spirit..
    the love of our lord, Jesus Christ and the soft kiss from your guardian angel, the look from a loved one and the whisper of the weeping willow at dusk in your home town with the sweet smell of Amy Chapelhurst's virgin pussy still on your breath....

I mean, what else can a modern man want in this crazy, harsh and cruel but oh so beautiful world....?

Not that i think the OP has actually considered much of any of that, but that the goals are more of fitness and health than muscle and fitness.

I may be wrong.




That brought a nice smile to my face.

'Not only will it clean your clothes an incredible 170% more effectively, it will make cakes, cookies and pies come out of the oven %768 more tastey!'


Hey no no you're quite right. Lol.


I hear you but i have to tell you that Tren gives me bad vibes. Maybe if actual Parabolan was available then maybe, but overall i don't like tren. Some luck out and have no issues with it. but i know people who have had kidney cramps and severe anxiety issues even years after usage.


Brook your post brought a tear to my eye :wink:

Gregus, understood.

However, just to balance out the anecdotes, I absolutely love tren and, even at dosages of 700-800mg/w, I have no real issues with sides. To be honest, I have heard a lot more scary stuff about nandrolone, and Eq is purported to cause anxiety as well. I don't have any experience with either of these drugs, though, and may not ever. Too happy with my test/tren/HGH :smiley:


I wish Test would make me "gain weight too easily."

Shit, all this time I thought this game was hard.


To add to Cortes blatant baised tren addiction - at a dose of ~200mg/wk it does not seem to do much of anything negative but certainly will add muscle and strength, especially to a fairly novice user.. although IMO tren is really more for serious users as a highly HIGHLY androgenic steroid, for health benefits i wouldn't advise it really (but as i said at 200mg there is no real basis for this belief).

I would stick to 250mg of T for all round increased life performance in mind and body. (gip)



Guilty as charged :wink:


Some do swear by it like you. Its good when you can find a compound that works well with your body.


Weight is really just that weight. Muscle would be better. Water Bloat does not count to me. That's why i prefer things that minimize bloat at all costs.


All hail Aromatase Inhibitors


Wait, what?


Bit of a joke. No need to fear the bloat of aromatizeable steroids anymore. There are exceptions and certain times I KNOW I KNOW


LOL! it seems i flame too much as i was joking too, as in: "AI's control water? No way!?"

Never mind! :wink: