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Are These Decent Results After 1 Year of Consistent Training?

Hello. Here are my results after one year of consistent training. Granted, perhaps I I am experiencing newbie gains, but any comments would be appreciated. I did linear progression until that stalled out, and then I have been doing 5/3/1. If you think I am progressing too slowly, please so state and perhaps provide some thoughts on how things can move faster.

Background stats: 49 yo, male, around 5’7", 163-ish

Squat (Oct '18-Oct '19) 155 to 205 lbs (+50 lbs, or +32%)
Dead lift (same dates) 175 to 250 lbs (+75 lbs or +42%)
Bench (same dates) 125 to 180 lbs (+55 lbs or +44%)


I’m a newb too and coming up on my one year anniversary as well. To me that doesn’t seem like good progress at all.

Are you eating to get stronger or have you been dieting while doing this?

Body weight has been pretty consistent over the year.

You got stronger at the same body weight. That’s progress.

Laying down new muscle tissue will require more calories, but not if you don’t want to do it.

It’s all optional.


I started working out last January so it’s been a year for me as well. I’m 57, 5’9", 200-lbs. I was 210 when I started, got up to 216 after about 4 months, then went into a cutting phase for another 4 months to get down to 190 and I’ve gradually worked back up to 200 over the past three months. I can’t compare squat and dead lift number because due to back issues I don’t lift heavy on those exercises and have not attempted a 1 rep max. My best squat is 250 and my best dead lift, with a trap bar, is 300 but those were not max lifts. For bench press, I started at 150 last January. I just did 250 last week so a 100-lb or 66% increase. You’ve gotten stronger. Have you put on more muscle? You could obviously have built muscle and lost fat and ended up at the same body weight. I’ve taken 5 inches off of my waist even though I’ve only lost 10-lbs overall. I look completely different now at around 15% body fat.