Are These Converse Chuck Taylors Fake?

I’m looking to buy a decent pair of lifting shoes, and have read a lot of good things about Converse Chuck Taylors as they’ve got a solid flat base with no cushioning. I’ve never bought anything Converse related before, so I’m not sure what the price should be, although when searching on Ebay they all seem to be around £10-15 (I live in the UK). Does this seem too good to be true, or is it the right price for a pair of genuine Chuck Taylors?

Here’s an example of what I mean -

When searching Ebay for them, the majority of them seem to be all in that price range. I know Ebay has fake sellers, but the majority of the Converse sellers’ feedback is good, so I just wanted to double check.

Thanks guys.

At that price point, possibly
But all you really need is a flat sole.

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I guess that’ll save me some cash then. Thought that Chucks had some specific attribute that made them perfect for lifting. If it’s just a case of a flat sole, then I could probably find an alternative.

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Yeah, it’s a good call as long as they stay durable. At that price you can probably just buy multiple pairs and rotate them

I personally wear converse, vans, and deadlift slippers lately. I wear squat shoes on bench ironically.

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Whilst we’re on the subject, what are your opinions of these? I’m sort of torn between either getting a flat sole or a pair with an elevated heel. I hear that an elevated heel can be good for squatting, but then again I hear the same thing about a flat sole, so I’m not sure. Most weightlifting specific shoes I’ve looked at have elevated heels but unless I’m wanting to pay £100 or so I’m left with one option which is basically these -

Price on there says £79.99, but that’s not surprising considering they’re on the official site. Official sites never tend to reduce their prices for some reason, but I found the same pair of shoes for £20 on Amazon.

Guess I’m just torn between a flat sole or elevated heel now. Either that or just buy deadlift slippers, which I assume can be used for squatting as well?

Looks like Nike Metcons, which you can prolly get for a smiliar price. I seen kids pull in those, but theyre too squishy for my taste

I just started squatting in deadlift slippers and it feels great. I ahve the A7 slippers, but they kinda shift around. I just got these:

They’re a small company based out of the US, so dunno how shipping would be

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Flat or heel will depend on your squatting style.