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Are These Chavs?


If so, I approve. These guys are pretty talented, I put this on my workout playlist.


Why do European people have to look so fucking European...


...by which you mean they look fucking british?


^Oh you're just trying to distance yourself from everyone else because they are twisting your arm into sabotaging your whole economy. Cut the dead weight man, lets get those Deutschmarks(?) rolling again! If it makes you feel any better my dad came very close to naming me Rommel (although Rommel is a last name, he just didn't care for Erwin) and on top of that two years ago I got 'sieg heil'ed by total strangers while walking down the street.

But seriously, don't they look way too British, I mean just living in a certain latitude and longitude shouldn't leave you looking that British... ridiculous...


Are they 'chavs'?

Yeah, pretty much, then again, the term 'Chav' has become such a wisdespread term in the UK it's become rather meaningless!

I much preferred the vernacular I grew up with, ie: Townies, scroggers, scum-bags, plebs, Johnoes!, scallies, hoodlums, reprobates, skanks, twokkers, smack-rats, trogs, pill'eads, glue-sniffers, 'Kappa' Slappers etc....Far more nuanced.

The term Chav is too much of an Umbrella term now.


Heyyyy what have you got against the British?!


Lol @ plebs. That's a good ol Roman term for you there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll add neds and bams, which are more commonly used to describe chavs north of Hadrian's Wall.


'Neds' is a good one, I came across this for the first time when I worked in a call center doing a crime survey for the Scottish Executive......still makes me chuckle.


Aye it's a good word but I can't stand the culture. I spent about 7 years in Possilpark and the average ned you saw hanging about was between 6 and 16 years of age; sitting in the front of closes with their bottles of Buck and pockets full of shit council hash.


Jesus those kids where WHITE I was temporarily blinded by their pail skin.


You have my sympathy!

My dad used to work near Easterhouse and Tollcross in Glasgow; some of the stories he told me.


Jesus thats a shit song.

Yeah I guess those are chavs, but as has already been mentioned it's a very vague term these days.

Generally a chav is someone who is thick, argumentative, and loud. They wear too much sports apparel and shit baseball caps. The men tend to have shit hair and use too much product.
The girls tend to be tannorexic's with cheap gold jewellery, and a love of pink velour tracksuits and lambrini.


either way, they're all scum


These are your average "I'm a badman from the "Ghetto" and I'm gonna shank you and your mandem" type people.

Purely anecdotal evidence / lots of personal experience here, but the area I live in is overun with this type of person. They have a great time emmulating american gang culture. These are the types you hear about stabbing other lads because they are from different postcode areas.


Whatever happenned to the bad boys of my 'yoof' ?

where are the teds and skins, the mods and rockers, the greasers and bikers, the heads and smoothies ?

where have the punks and goths all gone ?

why is it just these nihilistic no hope copycats of garbage bin america ??

my life !!!


I blame MTV


Actually this toxic kid, is kind of a 'rude boy' rapper. His style is tight polos and rude boy esque apparel, its not archetypically ghetto. He's more unique than you've assessed.




My judgement wasn't based on clothes or style. its more of a culture - "rude boy" and "chav" are all interchangeable - well they are where I have grown up/live.

Trust me hes not unique. Of course he may have his own personality, but lads like him are a dime a dozen where I'm from.


The meant streets of an upper income socialist welfare state. 8D

I think this decadent pot smoker type is keeping it more real, by just being a druggy playboy persona.