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Are These Bloods Normal?

The lab and GP say these are normal but I just don’t see how they are for a 25 year old. I’m trying to get an appointment with Dr Z as most Australian doctors fucking suck with this shit.

LH 1.7IU/L
E2 217pmol/L (lab does say this is high. I don’t know what could be causing it)
Total Test 10 nmol
Free Test 6ng/dl
SHBG 30 nmol
Prolactin 516mIU (This is high due to medication I take for gastrointestinal problems)

I don’t know if my Testosterone is low enough to get TRT but I never wake up with a boner (can’t even remember the last time it happened) and I have trouble maintaining an erection during sex. My balls ache as well and have for years.

I just don’t know if I’m wasting my time seeing Dr Z. I saw an endo in the past and she was hopeless. And that’s when my testosterone was at 6.8.

Thanks for any help guys.

You have a low to mid-range SHGB, and your Free T looks a little low, but I’m not educated enough to say that for sure without you posting the lab ranges along with your numbers.

That high E2 along with the low Free T is more than likely your issue. Concerning the E2, what does your body composition look like? %BF? Height and weight? High E2 is usually the result of having excess aromatase enzymes (which live in body fat). It is created by your body converting testosterone. If you have a higher percentage of BF, then you have more aromatase enzymes, therefor will have higher E2 levels. You could probably start turning things around by starting TRT on a 2X week injection schedule and focusing hard on diet and exercise. Dial in your doseage using T only and stay away from AIs.

Your doctor is just not very knowledgeable, your Total is lower than president Trump who could be your dad. You are at risk for so many diseases at these levels.

Testosterone Threshold for Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Middle-Aged and Elderly Men:

These data showed that a testosterone threshold of 440 ng/dL was associated with increased Framingham 10-year CVD risk in middle-aged and elderly men. Poor sexual performance, decreased morning erection, and loss of libido had an impact on the testosterone threshold for CVD risk. The threshold level was higher in men with sexual dysfunction. Further study is required to evaluate the validity of these testosterone thresholds for CVD risk.

You’re at 288 ng/dL!

My body fat is pretty low, I am actually underweight due to gastro issues, that’s why i take the medication that raises my prolactin, thats why I am a bit confused about the E2 being high, since I don’t have much fat, but where I do have it, it seems to all accumulate around my hips which is a sign of high E2, right?

Well, crap, I’ll definitely try and get an appointment with a knowledgable Endo, but yeah last Endo I saw wouldn’t even do anything when my total test was at 195 so its kind of made me not want to bother, but I feel like crap.

Total T: 288 ng/dl
E2: 59 pg/mL

Id say that is the epitome of low T and estrogen dominant. If you T was 1200 the E2 wouldnt be an issue but at your 288 its an issue.

That medication you’re using to raise prolactin is likely lowering your testosterone, a pituitary tumor which releases prolactin would do the same thing, lower testosterone.

@systemlord Yeah that’s what I’ve suspected but if I quit the Domperidone then I won’t be able to eat because of nausea so its shitty either way I handle it.