Are These Bagels Healthy?

hey I was wondering whether these bagels would be considered “clean”. I am trying to find good carb sources other than oatmeal (since CT and everybody seems to think it is evil). I can only eat so much fruit and sweet potatoes. How would something like this fit in? Better or worse than beloved oats/oatbran?

they are sprouted, have about 20 g net carbs + 20 g protein.

Maybe a good pre-workout b-fast with some eggs, or perhaps good for a postworkout meal with some tuna or turkey (after a shake)?

Or are these worse than oats?

thanks for any input…

That’s the healthiest bagel I’ve ever seen. If your not on a low carb diet then go for it.

CT and some of the others are against oats, because many people are allergic to them.

Wow, that’s an awesome bagel. Does it taste ok?

Add some lox and sliced onions.

Oh man…that’s an ideal bagel from a nutritional standpoint. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but I imagine they’re very ‘dense’ and will take a while to eat.

[quote]Hagar wrote:
Add some lox and sliced onions.[/quote]

Next bulk I am buying some of these bagels and doing just this…

5 for 3 dollars with 20 grams of protein is not bad at all either.

havent had them yet… they are at whole foods in the freezer section. Might pick some up today and will report on taste…

when would be best to consume them? they have 20 g net carbs… 10 g protein… maybe pre-workout b-fast or post workout meal? I bet they wont cause much of an insulin spike… do u think they could be consumed at other times of the day?

I’m stopping by whole foods on the way home. Check out the Hemp bread as well:

Think I’m going to have to try these…smear some natty PB and looks like a good snack. I’ll post a taste report.

I am totally snapping those up if I see them at Whole Foods. Ezekiel bread is nice, but I can only eat it so many days in a row…