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Are There Withdrawal Symptoms from HCG? What Do I Tell Doc After Lab?


I have never tried that one.
Yes their price is kind of high it made me go look for a better one.
I got an email yesterday all are back in stock at bluesky you know it will be fresh might be worth checkout. I have about 8month worth in my freezer.

What made to deside on Ibutumoren?


The PA I use(Mike Linkous) said its the only non-injectible, increased his igf-1 fast.


I’m guessing you already have a before IGF-1 so you can compare on your next blood test.
Fast sounds interesting.
I was doing mini bloods every 3 months back when I was using a combo of Sermorelin and Ipamorelin in a ratio of 2:1 my IGF-1 was 99 and after 3 months it was 150. I believe Defy like to see IGF-1 at ~200.


It depends on age according to him . I’m 25 he said mine should be around 300…it’s 159 and has stayed like for a while.

What do you notice as your igf-1 increases compared to before you started peptide?


I only had a 50 point bump. To be honest I did not feel a dam bit different. I was on them for about 7 months before stopping. I did not retest IGF-1 at that time. I had no TRT bloods do so I just dropped the experiment. I might start it back up at a later day.

I am currently test out low dose metformin to improve my insulin resistance and a sarm called cardarine for an endurance boost at the gym.


Its possible that pharmacy peptides are much more potent than bluewaves and others.


Maybe but their BPC-157 really worked wonders on my tennis elbows from too many hammer curls. I know that is not the same but these guys sell a lot and are always running out I can’t believe they stay in business if they sold junk. I just don’t know enough about using Sermorelin and Ipamorelin to boost GH. My gains at the gym have been very steady and did not increase or decrease while taking the peptides.


Why the hell do you take SARMS? Aren’t those placebo-like? And doesn’t it cause a spike in your labs?


Why the hell you taking peptides they are weaker than sarms?
I guess I don’t understand your question why would you care if I test a sarms?


I have had this nagging knee pain form cycling. If I bend my knee to where my ankle touched my butt it hurts. Does this work on some of those intents muscles. I’m seriously considering peptides or hGH


Are you asking if BPC-157 might help this? It could, if it is an overworked tendon or muscle. If you’ve blown your knee joint more than likely surgery will be required. It sure is cheap enough to try. If you deside to try it I would also consider Ipamorelin @ 500mcg/day taken a bedtime.

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Yes over use . Let me research my pain and this medicine thank you. :slight_smile:


A good article from a user’s take on Ibutamoren


I also bike about 10 months out of the year. Mostly for exersize sun and something different than the gym. I’ll do 20mile of local bike paths 3 times a week. I have found keeping your E2 as high as you can stand really helps the joins feel more fluid.
E2- “high as you can stand” is different for everyone. When I start crying over TV shows or my libido starts waning I know its too high. Blood test wise that usually anything over 40.


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Interesting. My knee has gotten better over the last couple of months.just not healed. Hopefully it continues to improve. I’ve stayed off the bike for 5 days at a time for this reason. I usually go do 60 Saturday and 60 Sunday then 20 milers a couple times in the week. I like racing bikes and going fast. Although I am not the fast one, I just suck wheel… haha

I don’t think I’m going over 30 even though I was at 180 weekly with hcg. 3 weeks ago I dropped to 140 a week. I do have low
Labido and seem be a little annoyed when a bunch of people start talking or it gets loud but nothing serious. Still stabilizing but I’m at week 6 or 7 and blah man: some days good but most crap. I am dying for my mental state to turn more positive, and especially the mental fatigue. I am trying to practice self control and not fuck with my protocol until I hit 6 weeks… this is hard work


Bro beautiful pictures . I’d love to live there and climb some peaks with the bike. I bet there’s tons of cyclists out there.


Tonight was first dose so I can’t say for myself yet. I’ll let you know in future.
I can’t believe I really spent $4.85/pill for 30. Oh well made a mistake once I’d be an idiot to do it again. I’ll use one of that article I gave you sources starting next month.

The reason I don’t like SARMS is the sole reason I’ve seen lots of youtube videos saying a natty would’ve gained the same thing with proper diet/training,etc and that they don’t work well like pro-hormones. I’ve never tried them and wouldn’t want to. But i’ve done 8 week Halovar prohormone cycle and 12 week 500mg test cycle and am sure both of those contributed to my low t that i just happened to test for shits and giggles years later.

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HaHa I love that guys website. More plates more dates.
When I spoke to defy about peptides they said they were very slow to make changes and they would not even test my blood for at least 3 months. I opted to not pay their pirce and go with a company I had used in the past. I did a 6 months test and uped my IGF-1 by 50% but I really did not see any improvement in recovery or muscle definition. So I stopped using it for now.

I’ve only used this sarms for a few times now at the gym but my Garmin HR monitor does on lie. Yesterday I had a 3 hour sesson of heavy lifts. I could not get enough and just could not get tired. My music for this sesson was a mix of The Crystal Method and Five Finger Death Punch and man between the sarms and music I just can explain it. I was smiling and burning at the same time. Honest.

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I bought Sermorelin from bluesky. I didn’t order bacteriostatic water as I didn’t know I had to as it only came with powder. Do you order it on there or do you know of another place I can order it like actual store? I used crypto currency and have to wait 18 days between to order again …


@hrdlvn - How long does a bottle of ipamorelin and sermorelin lst your on your protocol? My doctor is waiting for my next blood labs, but mentioned ipamorelin as a possible next step. Said it was $165 for 15-30 day supply.