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Are There Withdrawal Symptoms from HCG? What Do I Tell Doc After Lab?


Look this peptide calculator over it might help. click on the picture for a larger image.


Just like your clinic mine also charges like $160 or so for Sermorelin. Did you ask for permission on getting it from somewhere else?..
Do I just refuse it if he asks me to get on it and just buy it online instead? You bought syringes from your own pharmacy or same website? What size ? Thanks


And of course like I just with dosage he wants to prescribe but refuse his pharmacy right? (Doctor)


No. They talked to me about upping my IGF-1 and I said I would get back to them. I then did some research and decided to try bluesky and give it 6 months. I was happy with the results. I’m not on it now. I wanted to see if my IGF-1 dropped back if I stopped taking it after 6 months my next bloods are in early March. If you go my route you will need to order backstat water and syringes. I use an internet mailorder warehouse for medical supplies they have the best prices. 31ga easytouch syringes are 12 bucks a 100.

That is your call. I don’t believe in lying to the doc. If he/she checks your IGF-1 during your normal TRT blood test they will find out and that could cost you your T script.


What did your doc say when he magically saw your igf-1 go up ? I(I’m transparent with doc don’t like to hide anything for rh sake of him knowing about me 100% and making the most out of him and from the costs associated with everything lol)


She did not really say anything. I don’t know why maybe just wasn’t look at it.
Free T, E2, prolactin, HCT and ferritin seem to be what she is interested in on most 6 month blood tests. My protocol has been stable for ~3 years so there is not a lot of protocol adjusting going on. Only if I ask questions does she deviate from the usual stuff.
I don’t really know alot about IGF-1 maybe it moves around.


I have an appt with my general doc Wednesday the 9th.
He actually started my TRT protocol first before I went to Defy. After u went with Defy he even offered to continue the protocol Defy has for me which would be way less costly but he doesn’t know anything about which labs to get Everytime , etc and idk if he cares to keep me around optimal vs normal.

I’m going to tell him my situation if running out of Test 2-3 weeks early and ask for 5ml.

I think it’s worh it for the sake of my defy lab I’m supposed to get mid of this month being accurate Test numbers.


If you really think you will run out before you draw blood. Call Defy and order your blood test early. plus or minus 2-3 weeks doesn’t matter to them. They probably still would not fill your script early but at least your blood test will be accurate.


Testosterone is a controlled substance, you shouldn’t be running out early, you may have to weather the storm for 2-3 weeks.


Funny thing is that I ordered it Friday as DEFY sent me email to do so without telling them anything…so this week I’ll be on it again.

So I’m good as far as blood test .


This is great news. I’ve never experienced cold turkey but it probably isn’t fun.


Bluewave is out of Sermorelin. Have you ever got it from somewhere else?


you do mean bluesky right? Get Ipamorelin, its way better IMO, and do 500mcg every night before bed. If you have issues or questions about quality get your IGF-1 tested before and 3 months from now. Its a cheap test.


Yeah bluesky.

Do you notice it kick in immediately within a couple of minutes in your own way? Because apparently pharmaceutical grade Sermorelin causes immediate hunger in 30% of people who take it…

I want to take it right before working out in the morning before I go to work. Will it be a waste if I don’t take it before bed like it’s supposed to?


Sorry I didn’t understand any of that.
The reason you take this peptide is to increase your HG and that happens over time.
what do you think pharmaceutical grade Sermorelin does for you?


Yes I understand how it works. I think this doc at anti aging clinic was lying than on YouTube to sell prescriptions lol as that’s where I got that info.

Ipamorelin is out of stock too. GHRP-6 is available though as that’s the only other one I recognize. How long does this take to come at your doorstep usually? I live in Texas idk about you.


I’m just North of you on the Eastern slope of the Continental Divide.
Are you heading up this way to do any spring skiing? I could help you out no profit.


Not anytime soon lol. Does it take a while for it to arrive?


No it usually arrives in days. Once you are a customer you will be slam’d with 45% OFF deals so be careful what email addy you give them. I am surprised they are out. There BPC-157 is also very good if you have injuries like Tennis elbow from lifting.


So I just placed a 1 month order of 25mg Ibutumoren with DEFY. $150. Have you tried it from bluewave? I’m 100% going with that site now at this point after it’s done lol.