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Are There Withdrawal Symptoms from HCG? What Do I Tell Doc After Lab?

I’ve been taking 80mg test cyp every 3.5 days,500iu HCG 2x/week, .25mg anastrozole 2x per week for over 2 months(10/24) and due for labs soon.

I stopped hcg and had last injection this past Monday on Christmas Eve cause I don’t feel it necessary after doing my own research.

Will it make a diffeeence in over T levels? If so how much? I want too know cause lab might be skewed from results and doc might think I need more or less test.

I doubt you’ll see a significant difference, 50IU every 3.5 days is a very small dose.

I will agree with this. 100iu/wk of HCG is doing nothing. Did your doctor prescrip that amount?
I take between 800-1500/wk and have gone off cold turkey and had no real change in blood tests besides the usualy numbers floating around 10-20%. If I go off for very long I do develop dull aches in my testis.

Lol I meant 500iu not 50 2x per week.

500iu not 50 I apologize.

I take 3000 IU HCG per week with my T cyp for 100 mg per week. Twice I took about a week to two weeks off of HCG because of switching insurance companies.

There are no withdrawal symptoms resulting from minor changes of T in the normal range.

You also take quite a bit of test for TRT.

No problem we have all made typos.
I don’t think you will have any issues going off your HCG cold turkey.

I did want to ask are you going off both T and HCG or just HCG?

Just hcg.

Im going to run out of Test a little early I got it oct 24th and it’s 10ml 200mg/ml. At 160mg/wk it was supposed to last the whole 3 months(Jan 24th). The first day I did 160mg shot to take care of whole week as I got it on a Thursday and doc decided to do 80mg every Monday morning /Thur night.

Plus Everytime I get air bubble in syringe I lose ml squiritimg out by pushing plunger. AND using a thick needle to draw(which I originally bought for butt but idk how) the oil and switching to regular one. By switching I forget I lose ml because there is oil at bottom needle that isn’t in syringe. I didn’t know this till this past Monday.

Do I just have to deal with a crash? I think I only have 2-3 I jections left. Basically down after next thursday night injection which will be 2 weeks early.

The problem is checking again on lab it will be a skewed result…

This should be no problems at all. I have currently ran out of HCG myself was doing 800iu/wk. I miscalculated but don’t want to spend the extra on shipping to order it early. I’ll just wait until I have to order T again.

Yes you need a much better method that all of that. Dang what neanderthal taught you to do it that way? I use a 27ga 1/2" easy touch syringe for everything. I suck up the HCG and go to the T cyp bottle and suck it up. Pull up a wad of skin around my navel or a love handle and poke it in. There is a no waste since the HCG is the last to come out of the syringe. Small air bubbles mean nothing for IM or subQ don’t worry about them they will not harm you in anyway.

[quote=“Emcon456, post:8, topic:250386”]
Do I just have to deal with a crash? [/quote]

Yep that is what most of us have to do when we run out early. You can try to talk with your doc and see if he/she will do something. A future idea. You could ask for your dose to be increased on the script but don’t take the extra each week just let it build you a small bank account of T over time. My script is for 150/wk I only do 80-100 while cruising so in no time you have an extra 10ml in your stash.

Asking for extra T just to let it build it in case of running out early. Wouldn’t the doc think it’s sketchy and think I’m going to inject that too? Especially cause I’m only 25?

I read on a pamphlet of questions regarding Test that they purposerlu put an extra ml in the vial in case of accidents and don’t prescribe early. I hope it’s not true.

I think I’ll see if I’ll I inject less than 80mg per week and do whatever I can to last until next prescription just to lessen crash.

Btw I’m kinda excited if my igf-1 hasn’t increased much on my next lab cause he said he’ll prescribe a GHRP called Semorelin or something like that. Mine isnt low per say but it is for my age. Although he did say when Test increases so does IGF-1 so I’ll see…

If you lie to him and cheat you deserve to be dropped to fend for yourself. Don’t lie to your doctor be straight they are way smarter than you think. If he senses your honesty he might help you. Besides all taking an extra 25 to 50 mg a wk will really do is FU up. Acne, high E2, prolactin (man boobs) HCT issues, blood donating, ferritin issues its just not worth it. TRT is not cycling you need to find the lowest dose for your 247365. YOU WILL NOT BE STRONGER in the Gym on 50 extra a wk. All the negative sideeffect will start happening and you will endup hating TRT and wished you’d never started.

This is BS or at the least wishful thinking. If the bottle says it containes 5 or 10ml that is exactly what it will have plus or minus a very tiny number.

Did you get your IGF-1 measured at your last blood test? At 25 you should be in the 225 range one would hope. I’m old as dirt and my IGF-1 was 99 I started taking 1000mcg Sermorelin + 500mcg Ipamorelin every night and in 6 months my IGF-1 went up to 150. My doc would like to see ~200 for my age. I don’t know what your doc plans to charge you but you can get excellent peptides from bluesky. I believe I pay 30 bucks a bottle for 5mg each. Some docs have the nerve to charge $150-$165 a bottle. Best of luck to you.

I believe it was in the 150’s and he wants it at like 300.

What do you notice when you take peptides? Like sleep,growth, etc.

Some say you have better sleep. I did not notice that. Peptides are slow…very slow like you don’t really notice anything for 6 months then all of a sudden you notice you are seeing more of your abs and that fat on your a$$$ is thinner. My blood test from 99-150 was 3 months apart.
Anyway you know the saying its different for everyone. This was what happened wit me. I get new bloods in late Feb I’m hoping I hit 200.

I noticed there’s so many out there including the site you sourced. How wouldni know which one to go with as the best for me?

Should I not tell him that I’m taking my own and ignore his offer to use their sermorelin that costs $125 etc at my doctors pharm…if I decide to buy online ?

That is your call. There are lots of sources and not all can be trusted.
You could say you’ll think about it that $125 is a bit steep for your budget. Its a big decision sticking yourself everynight just before bed gets old fast especially when you don’t see results for months. It is nice you can use a 31ga syringe subQ if it was IM I’d never do it.

Bluesky is legit in it’s potency?

I thought the ‘mcg’ was pills?

Did you go to their website? There are no pills. Peptides have to be mixed the bac stat water and injected every night do to the short halflife.

Yes but it’s measured in mcg like you mentioned. I thought that was for pills.