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Are There Only Two Books to Date?

531 and beyond 531 so far? I ask because I see people mentioning a new book and it’s most likely due to not understanding all of the abbreviations used on this forum?

Any links to more up to date books where I can buy again would appreciated. Thanks

Yeah those are the newest (531 2nd edition) there were some off shoots, 531 powerlifting, 531 for football. A lot of the new stuff is on the forum. Jim says he has a new book in the works tho…

A new book is being written and there is a ton of information on my forum. However, there are hundreds of articles and thousands of questions answered online that detail everything.

Hey Jim, YEARS ago didn’t you have a book on EFS called ‘Training 3 days a week’? Did it eventually become the original 5/3/1?

A portion of that book - yes. That’s when programming kind of opened up to me. That was a significant time for me. Then the last 2-3 years, another big revelation happened. It’s similar as to training - you have all these long periods of just getting work done and then a huge breakthrough.