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Are there effective O.T.C. SERMS/AI/Anti E?


Hey Gentlemen. I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm about to start a solid bulking cycle but cannot get my hands on any SERMS/AI/Anti E. I am wondering if there are ANY o.t.c. products that I can take. I have done multiple cycles but have always had Adex, aromasin, clomid and nolva at my disposal. But now I don't. Any and all suggestions would be awesome. Thx in advance Guys!

Sus 300- 600mg p/wk for 12wks
Eq 200- 500mg p/wk for 12wks
D Bol- 50mg E.D. for wks 3-9
HCG- 500iu p/wk for wks 2-12


You found SUS, EQ, Dbol, AND hcg, but can't seem to find an AI?


You are not trying very hard.


My source is a moron and does not use ANY anti e or ai. Source is a real piece of work. I have access to infinite amounts of gear. But it stops there. Gear only. My wife gets the hcg for me from the "weight dr.". I have looked very hard. Its a small community and access to such goods is very limited. That's why I was wondering about o.t.c. stuff.


No, nothing OTC is suitable.

Use an online pharmacy. AIs and SERMs are not controlled substances like AAS


you could try research chemicals but the quality may be questionable.


I tried research chems last year. Quality is extremely questionable. I am not very susceptible to sides such as gyno with the exception of dosing over a gram. I had some nip sensitivity with some test e that I ran at a gram. I used that Ldex crap at had to run it at 2 ED. When I has previously used adex at .50 eod I had no problemo. So I am shying away from research chems. I figured otc's where not an option since I had researched extensively with no positive outcome. But it doesn't hurt to ask. I feel sketchy about online too. Too much crap on the web. You read one is legit and 2 minutes later you read that they aren't. Kinda between a rock and a hard place... Anyways thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it.