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Are there any other T-mag readers from Tn?

Anyone on the board from Tn? If we have enough, maybe we could get a T-cell going here.

Lexington, Ky. But your the closest so far to me.

I’m only about 3 hrs south of you then. straight down 75


HITer Scott mentioned above that he is in Cinci-which is only like 45 minutes from me. Just thought I would add that.

bump pleez

If there isoo little response in your area man, feel free to unite with me, scott and some others around the Ky border. I think all and all though the T-nation is sparse in this country :(.

Sounds good man. I’m sure there are probably others here in Tn and Ky that read T-mag but maybe haven’t found their way onto the forums yet.

Hey Jack, where are ya from in TN? I am at Pharmacy school right now in Atlanta, but I hang my hat in the Big Orange state! I am from a small town right in between Knoxville and Chattanooga…Athens. Ever heard of it?

Yep, been to and thru Athens several times. I work in Knoxville and live just a few miles east of the city.

I live in Knox Vegas, TN.

Yeah, I go to K-town quite frequently myself. Lived up there a couple of years while finishing up my Masters, and will probably move back up there around Farragut when I get done with school. Where do you all train?