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Are there any other GHB alternatives?

The word is that GHB, GBL and 1,4 Butandial are now completely Schedule 1. Thats a huge scam, I like the products like Renewtrient, G3, and Soma Solution. IS there any other alternatives out there that deliver the same or similar benefits for mood and sleep? Any new real studies on what this stuff does really for GH? One of the Gang of Five mentions 1,3 Butandial, is that still in the precursor chain for GHB? Does it alter mood, enhance sleep, sex drive? Any other similar, good quality products out there? One more question, since GHB is a precursor to GABA in the Krebs Cycle will the product from AST Research have any similar benefits? I would like to here from anyone who liked renewtrient and similar products and knows where to get something just as good, legally of course or any ideas on obtaining the other ingredients. Thanks guys for a great board, love reading every day.

1,4 butanediol is not scheduled. Some of my friends tried to convince me of this when gbl became illegal, but I proved to them otherwise, as did the police. One friend of mine who was arrested once for ghb was pulled over and they found butanediol on him. They tested it and let him go. 1,4 butanediol is otherwise known as butylene glycol, and is found in many of your girlfriends beauty products( ie. some moisturizures, facial scrubs , etc.) It would be pretty terrible if the cops busted in and seized all her Aveda or what have you. I heard in some states it is listed as “list 1 hazardous substance” or something like that. If you go to your state legislature’s website, you can find all of the laws for your state.
I’ve heard of 2,3 butanediol, but I believe it is carcinogenic.
GABA taken as a pill supposively can’t cross the blood brain barrier, so it won’t get you high…as far as I can tell, you may be different.
The new ghb substitutes suck. They are benedryl mixed with dmae and ginseng and such.
The government sucks. WE MUST BRING THEM DOWN!!!

Don’t get too amorous, Ryan. That kind of talk could be interpreted as conspiracy against the government. Not a good thing to have on your record. :slight_smile: