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Are There Any 'Easy' Ways to Lower RBC Count?

Greetings, first post here, I looked but did not see my particular question answered.

I’ve been doing TRT self-injection IM at 100mg/week for about 6 years. CBC blood tests have shown red blood count slowly ticking up. Latest test shows RBC 52%, which is kind of a tipping point. I should do something about it. My doc (I saw him yesterday) said the only sure way to lower the RBC is to stop TRT. Otherwise he recommended a baby aspirin every day to keep the blood flowing more easily.

Has anyone here had any luck in lowering their RBC levels with natural techniques?? If so, please elaborate.

Thanks you and I’m pleased to be part of this forum.

Your doctor is incompetent and you shouldn’t listen to him. You can lower red blood count by lowering the dosage or splitting up your injections twice weekly. I lowered all CBC labs by half the ranges going from an 20mg EOD protocol to a 10mg daily protocol, hematocrit dropped from 50% to 45% and RBC dropped similarly.

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Just do a Double Red Cell donation at your local blood center. It takes a little longer but you can only do them every 16 weeks vs 8 weeks for whole blood (which you could also)

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I switched to im and think my hct went up. But it could be cause I increased dose to 100 from 90.

Anyway see a difference im v subq?

Thanks, I might try a 10mg/day regimen, and inject every 5 days, to see what happens. I really don’t want to inject every single day, but I would if that was only alternative. Thanks for the tip!

I didn’t want to inject frequently either in the beginning, but I feel so damn good doing it. Everytime I moved injections closer together, I feel even better.

I use 29 gauge insulin syringes and not those harpoons the doctor provided, I inject in shoulders and quads.

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Yes, I agree, I recall doing a regimen of ~65mg every 5 days and I did feel better.

So, I will try every 5 days at 50mg/dose, which will increase my injection frequency, but lower the overall dosage, and hopefully lower the RBC count. I’m currently using 1-inch 25ga needles (insulin needles). But I’ve figured out a new injection technique which REALLY cuts down on pain, both during and after injection. Thanks!

Believe me I know, because anyone using a 29 gauge insulin syringe would never utter the words painful in the same sentence.

I am told they do not want the blood because of the high hematocrit. I had a blood let at a hospital for that reason, and they allegedly destroyed the blood as it wasn’t fit for donation.

Just what I have been told …

They will do a blood stick test on your finger if you are over 19 they usually will say no thank you.
HCT of 54% or above can be very un healthy. I live at altitude and get 52%'s all the time on TRT. 1 pint of whole blood every 6 months is usually all one needs. Donate more than that you will have ferritin issues.

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I will definitely look into donating blood. But I am age 67, and had Lyme disease about 18 months ago, so I have to think they would not want my blood.

If I don’t pass their screening for whatever reasons, will they draw (and destroy) the blood for me, or do they simply refuse to draw any blood?

Not typically. You would need a script for a therapeutic blood draw.

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I would not even try. You don’t want to get blacklisted.
Just ask your regular doctor, show the CBC blood values I am sure he/she would help.

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When you say “blacklisted”, what does that mean???

It means you are banned for life from donating blood.

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Oh, ok, thanks. I would kinda think I am already banned, having had Lyme recently, plus high RBC, and whatever else. Plus I’m getting old. I’m guessing they want young blood.

You may find this interesting:

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I recall seeing that video a while back. It’s certainly interesting. And if it’s true, you really have to wonder why it’s not front-page news for anyone (patients and/or docs) involved in TRT.

We’re having a hard time getting peoples mindset to evolve from a number of things with TRT and this is one of them.