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Are the Wives Impressed?


Hey fellas, I'm 36, married for 12 years. And I was wondering it the wives, or girlfriends were at all impressed with the amount of weight you push/pull around the gym? Not so much with your physical appearance, but how strong you have become. I powerlift and have not allowed her to come to see me at the meets. Frankly, I don't think she is at all interested.


Mine is. She likes that I'm strong and in good shape.
She very rarely comes to lift with me because one time that she did was max effort day, and I failed on bench, another guy failed on squat, and another guy that was pulling in the high fives/low sixes was dropping the bar. The house was shaking, we were all amped up and yelling, and she got kind of scared.

She's just not used to that kind of stuff.


Not mine. She likes it when, if the light is just right, she actually might see an ab. But she equates heavier lifting with danger.


My wife keeps saying that a man my age shouldn't be lifting so much. She likes that I look better and am more useful when she needs something heavy moved but she doesn't want to know what goes on in the gym.


Hey guys,
I'm a wife and I'm over 35 so I guess I'm allowed to be here...

I wanted to comment because I Love to watch my husband lifting in the gym. He even lets me spot him when I go with him. I'm VERY impressed with the amount of weight he lifts.

I also love to watch the amount of effort he puts into it and how it makes him feel. He is always so focused in the gym and I can see it in his face how hard he works.

Yeah it also helps to know that he can do all the heavy lifting around the house...
But, realize that some wives do appreciate a strong guy and they really are impressed when they watch you in the gym.

OP I think your wife might really like going to a PL meet. I know the first one I went to, I was very impressed by those guys and girls at the meet. It takes some serious balls to lift that much weight, especially in front of a bunch of people and judges.


I think my wife is more impressed with how I look than how strong I am. I mean she enjoys the fact that I'm strong, but number-wise, I don't think it really matters to her.


My lady likes coming to the gym as well as watch me lift. She has come to all my strongman/ PL meets.

Although when I miss a lift she knows not to talk to me for a little while at the gym as usually I'm really pissed off. Haha but then on the flip side she knows that if I hit a new PR there's normally a nice dinner coming up that night. Haha plus she's a great spotter, better than 90% of the guys I've had spot me!


the heavier the load, the more dangerous it is, and that's a fact. but I can't even imagine going in the gym just for the sake of staying in shape. I'd get really bored lifting the same weight for years without progression. I'd also feel like a wuss. I won't feel like I've truly accomplished anything spectacular until I've hit a lean 240 at 6'3".


lol I feel ya, every time I try and move up a weight class she pokes the bulk belly. Women will just never understand the bulk belly :confused:


Wife and over 35 and HELL YA, i'm impressed with the weight my husband pulls. He's one of the most dedicated men i know to his sports. He trains consistently no matter what life throws his way. I love hearing about PR's he makes but he's not the type to brag about that stuff.

I have lots to learn from him. :slight_smile:


We're both over 50 and she looks at me with wry amusement.

"Well, as far as mid-life crises go it is cheap and leaves him too exhausted to chase girls, buy a Porsche or sail to the Caribbean. Puts off the heart attack, too"


My Girlfriend appreciates my gym efforts! Plus I get the added bonus that she can out dead lift allot of guys in my gym! I love that! I think she was impressed when I had to move a refrigerator up two flights of steps by myself. She was behind me on the landing making all kinds of ego building comments as I had to pull it up one step at at time.

Now my first wife could cared less. After training fro a full year to do my first meet she choose instead to go to a Tupperware party while my son and I were lifting at the meet.


I used to train with my guy and let me tell you, it was a real turn on to see him busting his ass and hitting new PRs. Now that I'm pregnant and not training, I look forward to him coming home from the gym so we can discuss what he did that day.

What determines whether or not a woman cares about her husband's training is whether or not she cares about her own training. You can't appreciate the hard work that serious training takes until you do it yourself.


My wife was concerned at first about the
heavy weights and getting hurt. She's good
with it now.

Is she impressed ?

I lift/pull in my garage and was in the middle
of a very intense session a few months ago when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. She was peeking
around the corner watching me lift. I pulled out
my headphones and let her know that I saw her.

She was embarassed that she got caught. Turns out that she peeks in quite often. She told me that it turns her on. Right then I immediately could tell everytime that she was peeking prior to getting caught due to the after workout workouts that occured.

Impressed ?

Oh Yeah !!



They definately are impressed by young college students who lift weights during soccer mom hour between classes while hubby is at work paying for their memberships and occasional infidelities. :slightly_smiling:


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I'll be 54 in a couple of months. I've been on field hockey and women's rugby teams. I've been lifting for the past four years.

No matter how good I think I look, hell I'm still 54, and my husband wants to trade me in for two 27 year old women.

Men can age gracefully, but dammit, women just get old. It ain't fair, I tell ya. Reality bites!

But I still won't give up doin' what I do.


My wife doesn't care about the weight I lift just the physique. I'm 45 and most of my friends are about the same age give or take.

A few weeks ago we went to a pool party with a big group of friends. 90% of guys my age are fat and out of shape without so much as a shred of muscle. I couldn't let myself go like that...just never occured to me. I think my wife would kick my ass if I did.

  1. Strength- She does not care
  2. Looks - 30 lbs later.. not that impressed

What really matters is my attitude, helpfullness, and overall "girth, length and stamina" I bring to the bedroom.


I just asked my wife if she was impressed with how much weight I lift & she said, "You mean when you get up off the couch?"

I work out in my basement so sometimes she sees me & is impressed, but she doesn't know actual weights involved. While I'm not exactly Adonis, she does appreciate the slightly less squidgy me.