Are the following foods OK when cutting Fat

Do the following items fit in with Tdawg2? I only use these on occasion, and my total daily limits of protein, fat, carbs, and calories still fall within my target amounts.

a tablespoon of catsup… Ill add to an omlet or ground beef.
cal 16 carb 4 fat 0 prot .2

A single slice of fat free american cheese… also added to beef, or an omlet.
cal 30 carb 2 fat 0 prot 5

A pickel spear… love pickels.
cal 5 carb 1 fat 0 prot 0

As long as my target #'s are in line (ie 300g of prot., 2500 cal, 70/100g of carbs) is there any problem having these foods?

Should be okay as long as you meet the diet’s requirements. Catsup isn’t great for you because of the corn syrup, but a spoonful a day? No big deal. I have seen some carb-free and low-carb catsups on the market but haven’t tried them yet. Very expensive for lousy bottle of catsup!

Do not eat those foods while on T-Dawg, you risk falling into a coma! Just pulling your leg. Relax and enjoy those foods once in a while, it’s perfectly fine, it won’t affect things at all. I think some people get too carried away with following things to a “T”, not necessary. You can be slightly off and still meet your goals, so enjoy!

If you are that worried about it go for all natural catsup. No corn syrup and such. Tomatoes and salt pretty much.

Other than that chese and pickles are great.