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Are the Cracks Beginning?


In the last 24 hours both RBS and HSBC have had their online systems go completely down due to "updates". Really? Updates?

Whole systems offline because little updates did not go as expected.

My guess? Bank transfers are starting that are overwhelming the system. We will see more of this in the coming week.


UBS down for maintenance. Can't transfer funds and no account updates. How convenient.


Now hearing Chase has "maintenance" work.


Cmon man, you are shoveling the sand everyone has their heads buried in.


See the CME thread. Another wildcard played.


Curious Jeaton on what you think happens next? My first initial thought was that this was maybe another way to start more people to join OWS.
Like StevenF said we live in curious times. Luckily I have those others things you mentioned on the CME thread.


Jeaton do you work in investment banking?


Don't know that I have the answers. Do have a whole lot of questions.

In the meantime, take a look at the newest developments in Greece.
And look into the Wikileak on Germany's preparations for a "Euro Zone Chapter 11".

Looks like the first big domino will fall in Europe. Maybe....



No, far from it. I have actually been in the car business for many years.

Became interested in the markets around 15 yrs ago and have dug in ever since. Years of insomnia have insured that I read a lot. The subject is pretty fascinating when you dive into it.


Issues from algorithms?