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Are The Beatles Overrated?


When you ask about other peoples opinion about what the greatest band ever was,the answer is almost always unanimous,The Beetles. My question is;Why? What makes them so special? Why do people like them so much? What makes them placed over bands such as "The Who" or "The Doors"? I try asking this to Beetle fans but they usually shut me down and insult me for even asking.I listen to some of their songs and I even like them but I wouldnt say im a fan of them


The Beatles suck.


way overrated.

along with Pink Floyd and Rush.


Yeah, the beatles are way overrated.

If there answer is anything other than Johnny Cash and the Tennessee three they have shit taste in music anyways.


In my opinion, they are overrated. I wouldn't go as far as to say they suck though.


Rush sucks BIG TIME. Holy shit,a guy that sounds like a chick. Big Whoop,Silversun Pickups has the same gimmick but atleast they make good music.


Because they are the originals. So much music can be attributed back to the Beatles. Everything about them was innovative and inspiring to musicians from all musical genres.


I won't deny the influence they have had, but I personally find them boring and uninspired. They were just a bunch of peace loving hippies who experimented with lsd...


Originals of WHAT exactly? The Original Boy Band? The Original manufactured pop music? The same can be said about Elvis and other acts during that time period. Your going to have to be specific because thats a very broad description.


this is coming from a snow hippie.

he should know about this shit.


Not a fan of Yes then? ^^

I don't think the Beatles were the best band ever. They adapted well to the hippy era and definitely wrote some great songs but the greatest band eva?? That title's obviously reserved for Zappa and the Mothers! =P


what about Primus?

you gotta be liking them, Sternie~


Their music is over rated.

Their importance is not.


LOVE PRIMUS. Nice one Edgy


This could be a cluster fuck of a thread, but before that happens....

What made them who they are..

A willingness to change styles, ambition, iconoclasm, ego, a gift for melody & timing.

Creativity in song writing & experimentation in the studio.

They wrote songs in different keys, used all types of instruments, & they were the culmination of many influences.

They brought excitement, talent, & relative complexity to a new & rapidly changing format.

They were fresh & they were raw.

Two of the greatest songwriters that have ever put pen to paper.

I'm not the biggest fan of them either. But the obvious is the obvious.


^ Print out of the shadows with the right cross.


lol @ comparing Silversun pickups and Rush



I like some of their stuff. Helter Skelter is a great song.



Musically they are given credit for a lot of stuff they didn't deserve credit for, and over-praised for a lot stuff that honestly isn't that amazing. That isn't to say they weren't a great band, and one of the best. It's their status to many as THE undisputed best that is the issue.

Culturally, their importance is NOT overrated, and is honestly underrated by many. From a cultural standpoint, they really are the most important rock band, and possibly the most important pop musicians.

That being said, many of the people who complain about the Beatles being overrated are the first to overrate a lot of 70s rock bands, or worse, 80s metal bands. Influence is a big factor in a musicians legacy, and not too many artists are competing with the Beatles on that, especially the rock bands that came after they broke up.


Print wins this thread.