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Are Test Levels Around 1800-2200 Good?

I’m 42 years old and on TRT. I do (2) shots weekly - each shot 75ML and my testosterone is generally around 1800 to 2200. Is that a good range?

My estrigen in right on target. I get blood work done every 8 weeks.

I also do HCG every other day.

You’re doin pretty good man.

Do you lift and stuff too?

That’s probably pretty high for TRT. Not saying its bad just not the normal target range for TRT. How do you feel?

Good lord that’s very high for TRT.

I just kept going up until I had the best symptom resolution. I started fairly low and took roughly 2 years to get where I’m at. I inject every 3 days, so no real trough, but I peak around 1100total and I think somewhere around 28/29 free T. So super optimized from a weightlifting standpoint, but that was the least of my worries. I had really bad anxiety, and that dose helped tremendously. Some of the other stuff I hoped TRT would fix are still there, but we can’t always get what we want :joy:.

The answer would depend on who you ask, whether it’s healthy and the answer will be the same. There are some guys that have problems nearing 1000 ng/dL, there is a Canadian member that needs a minimum Total T at 1200 ng/dL to relieve the symptoms of low-T.

Yah I lift 4-5 days a week. I do notice that my anxiety gets pretty high around 2000 and higher so I try stay around 1800.

My free testosterone fluxuates between 29 and 42. I’m dont know anything about free testosterone though and how it matters?

Free test is pretty much all that matters IMO. Idk what range you are using, but 29 for me is at the very top of in range, 42 would be a small cycle/blast.

Hmmm. Well I feel good so I guess no issue right?

Depends. Not much information out there on long term side effects of really high TRT, but there is information out there on short term really really high test and it’s not the best thing for your heart.

Might live to be 80 and be jacked the whole weigh (see what I did there :joy:).
Might die in 10 years from an enlarged heart.

I think if you can feel better on a lower dose, I’d for sure do that. But if this is the lowest dose you feel some symptom resolution then I guess you just gotta decide if it’s worth chancing it

My doctor has never mentioned my free testosterone being too high which is weird.

Sooooooo why are you here? You’re happy, docs happy, no issues ?

I just like hearing other peoples experiences.

You need to get more labs to help you weigh your decision. If for example Hematocrit is 55, you need to lower your dose. If your lipids and BP are terrible you likely need to lower. You are trying to make a decision without data that could help you, but that you could get. Does your Dr. not do more labs? IMO, that is a red flag.

For me at least, if I look at all the blood markers that are known to be impacted by Testosterone, and they look good (including blood pressure), then I wouldn’t be concerned. If my lab work and BP was shit, but I felt great, I would try a lower dose to see if I can get lab work, BP in check and also feel great.

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Pay attention to what @mnben87 said. I wouldn’t personally run it that high permanently. Its simply not natural. You can take recreational drugs to ‘feel good’ too but should you? If all other biomarkers are fine than its probably not that detrimental but you need to take those labs every 6 months and monitor them. Sounds like you have a lot to learn.

Drink plenty of water to lower HCT. My HCT is 48 if I drink water before labs, and 53 if I dont. My test is often around 1300-1500. Im considering getting to know, a cardiologist at this point in my life just to have peace of mind with my progress. No issues here to report.

I had some palpitations and went to a cardiologist, everything thing was good but I’m like u it’s nice being in the door with one to just keep a check on things , I run my levels around 1600 to 1800 and it’s reassuring to keep everything checked

Man, I would be at a gram or more of T/week if I did that lol.