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Are T-Nation Articles Free of Bias?


I really enjoy reading through the archives of articles here on T-Nation. There is a lot of knowledge to be gleamed. However, as I near the end of an in-depth article blowing some supplement out of the water, there is often a pitch for some new product being pushed by the site. How do people feel about the frequency of products being pushed in articles, and do you feel it dramatically hurts the legitimacy of the articles?

I'm trying to get some perspective.


I feel like you have to just be as a reader understanding of who's writing the article, how they're paying their bills, and the fact that the articles are FREE.

Tons of fantastic information, you have to just develop your own filter to figure out what's useful to you.


Um...it is their site, obvious T-Nation doesn't care if someone doesn't like it because they only care about people who care about their product, which is their supplements and their content. It's called content marketing, great way to make money. Give free content and push product.


Of course they are not free of bias, they are at heart a supplement company after all.

There are still a wealth of excellent articles on this site that have nothing to do with supplements.

As for the actual Biotest product itself......just like anything else in life you buy, do your own research and "caveat emptor".


You should boycott the forums, that will teach them.


You raise a good point. but if this is the only information source you have for supplements and all things concerning the gym then you are a moron.

Anyone with any intelligence would find multiple, often contradicting sources and form their own opinion based on reason and logic.

For example, if you were only to read books on the pro of Marxism I am pretty sure you would end up spouting how great communism etc is.

It is not balanced, to get any rational perspective you would have to read many books concerning all political and governing styles.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. That way you wont have to ask people if the basket is reliable, instead you will be able to conclude from using many other baskets and having used baskets in the past if aforementioned basket is up to scratch.




You could also stop reading the articles.

I stayed for the comments.