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Are Sweet Potatoes Okay?


I will have a sweet potato maybe once a week. I know they are a source for your complex carbs. Is it ok to eat one once a week? Just want some real opinions.Thanks



They are 'okay' to eat three times a day.

One of the best sources for carbs (except for post-workout).


Ok ? OKAY?! Sweet potatoes are far, far more than "okay". They're one of the best sources of complex' carbs you can get, plus they're deeeeeeelicious.

And, unlike regular 'taters, you don't need to put anything on them to make 'em tasty.

Little hint: eat the skin.


Sweet!Thanks for the feedback..


I have them every other day. swicth it up between that and oatmeal with breakfast.

Sweet tataoes are a great source of complex carbs and have MANU more Micro nutrients then a regular starhy white tater.


Yes, they are apparently the reason some blacks are good at athletics.(1)

  1. Wannabe, Bruce Lee. "Blacks & Sweet Pototoes." Feb. 22, 2005


Alright, I laughed at that last post. Ethnic joke? Possibly...What about Kool Aid?

Instead of regular potatoes or Russett ones, I've used regular store sweet potatoes and okinawan potatoes for mash potatoes and for potato salad. Good subs for usually unhealthy choices.


Ha, no someone actually posted that...the reference is real.


Who here remembers my crazy $hit I put up here awhile back on the subject?? LOL!

Hell yah! They're great for you & will make you jump higher & run faster! Natural DHEA bro! It's going to run thru your veins like a wild Ca. fire!!


YOU REMEMBERED!! Damn, what a memory!! You know the date & everything! LOL!


someone please post the link to that post. i remember that and it was hilarious. Someone posted this great line about how different colors of Koll-aid affected the performance of the black athlete.


Yah, that was some funny $hit for sure!


how many carbs does a normal sized sweet potato have???


Depends what grade potato you get, Typical #1 grade is 4-5 inches long an just round enough to put your thumb an index finger around.wEIGHING IN @ 4oz.

6.875-7 GRAMS CARBS X OZ (any grade, grade depends on size/weight an texture of the skin) So A GRADE #1 would equal 27.5-28 grams of carbs.

I miss farming sweet potato's.


LMFAO, thats milk-out-the-nose-funny. I'm going to look for that thread.


Can anybody tell me what type of carb they are made of? Glucose?


I eat russet potatoes with salt and pepper.