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Are Sumo Deadlifts a Viable Option?


I was training with a PT as a spotter today, and he commented on how it looked like my femur was too long for a comfortable dead lift. He suggested I do sumo squats instead.

What is really the difference, and how will it affect my results? Also, I plan on incorporating the Olympic lifts into my routine once I'm past the beginner stage (somewhere around 3-4 months? Or rather, 1,5xBW squat). Is that a lost cause, or is it still something I should try?

Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling:


Is your PT someone respectable? I mean, is he intelligent and knowledgable, or does he recommend swiss-ball squats and measuring the length of your poo?

Because if he's an idiot, I wouldn't pay attention to him.

Then again, if he's an idiot, you probably wouldn't be asking this question.

Sumo's put more emphasis on the hammies and glutes, and less on the lower back, IIRC. Also, there's a shorter ranger of motion. The difference is that your sumo deadlift will go up, but your conventional deadlift will not go up as much. Kind of like how, when you do conventional DL's, your conventional DL goes up, and your sumo DL goes up, but not as much.

Once you get a 4-500 lb deadlift, you'll know the differences intimately, and it will matter. For now, probably not. If your deadlift isn't comfortable, try sumo. If it is, tell your PT he's wrong.

OLY lifts are great. Start the powerclean now. There's no reason to wait until you're 'past the beginner stage' unless it seriously just doesn't interest you right now. While your strength will carry over, there's no reason to wait until you have a 1.5x squat before you start doing them. If you plan on getting into oly lifting seriously, the more time you have practicing technique the better.


You need to see what you are capable of flexibility wise. Either your glutes or hamstrings are tight, religiously stretch them dynamically and static. This should help.


My deadlift isn't comfy as of yet, so I guess I'll start with sumo.

Will start to look more into the OLY lifts before my next training session. Thanks. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks. Yeah, they're a bit tight, but that will hopefully change sometime soon. I stretch for about 10-15 min each day.


Dynamic stretching before your workout can vastly improve your flexibility in your hips and hammies.