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Are Steroids Worth It?


im new to this.

I understand taking the risk if ur a hollywood star or a pro athlete BUT what if you arent?


Short answer : Yes they are worth it.

Because once you have made the choice, there is no turning back. Even if you fuck up later on, you will find some sort of justification, excuse. People do not want to admit their mistakes, and are in denial constantly. So you will keep telling yourself that it is worth it.

So it is important that you really think this thru before you jump on the non-stop express AAS train.
Now jumping off a non-stop express train is gonna hurt. And it is exactly like that. Especially if you are on self-prescribed TRT/Blast and cruise.


if ur asking a question like that you really shouldnt


Well, let's see. Assuming you bust your ass in the gym already...4-6 days a week, have a solid routine, you're eating 4,000+ calories, and 350+ grams of protein daily....and no matter how much $$ you spend at GNC (used to be about $200 a month for me), you see to stagnate on more gains.

Why wouldn't you use steroids? I can spend $200 total on a cycle now, and see much more out of my $$ than I did with anything bought from GNC.


I liked this thread better when it was just "Are Steroids worth?"

Then the OP'er or a mod went and fixed it... disappointing. I was sure the hilarity would ensue and then it just had to be ruined.


Is it just me or are the threads in the 'roids forum getting worse and worse?


Damn totalitarian Mods. Haha



Hahaha! Sorry.. couldn't resist!


There's just been a sudden onslaught over all the forums recently of trolls and complete newbs lately. I attribute the trolls to schools being out for the summer and people getting laid off due to recession. I think the newbs come in cycles similar to lemmings and we just have to wait for them to plunge over the cliff back into sedentary obesity. :slight_smile:


Steroids........ because I'm worth it


steroids are worth it only if:

  • you educate yourself and do them properly
  • you are able to effectively manage the side effects on cycle
  • you have an effective post cycle therapy plan
  • work hard both on and off cycle
  • eat right both on and off cycle

If you can do all these things then yes they are great and have a net positive effect on your physique, health, and life...if you don't do those things then they are often a waste of time, a waste of money, and can leave you worse off than when you started.


We just have to 'ride out' this most recent troll plague.

In the mean time, I'm going to be enjoying myself in the SAMA forum.


Agreed, well put FG.


I agree with this minus the net positive effect on your health. I'm not so sure I would call it a positive effect.