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Are Steroids Bad?

I know absolutely nothing about steroids but they create beasts of a body. I see all these bodybuilder guys in contests and wonder. Are all steroids bad for you and have the potential to kill you in the long run?

I’m pretty sure that there are good steroids out there because the government could make us believe that one day humans will fly if they wanted to. I don’t plan on using them but its always good to be educated. Like what are those kind that are killing people and what is safe.

Steroids have been known to cause AIDS and grand theft auto-style killing sprees, so yes, they are bad!

Steroids are bad Mmmkay

[quote]sed26 wrote:
Like what are those kind that are killing people…[/quote]

None of them are killing people.

Don’t believe them in the end you will die. I guarentee you that.

Steroids: The silent killer!

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Given that the average life expectancy around the world is 67 years old. Coincidentally, many of the deaths that inconclusive studies allege to steroid use are around that number.

Everyone dies, sooner or later. Whether steroids will hasten that death, I’d have to disagree.

[quote]Contrl wrote:
Mind I ask where all this astounding scientific research is? And I’m not talking about lopsided studies with neither a control group, nor a convincing number of studies.


At all?

Didn’t think so.[/quote]

exactly what I want to know. Was having a convo bout roids with some friends and they just kept throwing the usually crap out and all I said was bring me some evidence and then I will talk.

They have yet to show me anything

Technically since HRT/TRT is the use of steroids, and a better quality of life as well as a possibly longer life is available, and, tests and shown that men with higher T levels as they age have less occurance of Alzheimers, I would say that steroids are good.
If steroids were actually bad, doctors would never prescribe then to their patients.

Cholesterol kills people.

Cholesterol is a steroid.


steroids help my asthma :slight_smile:

Steroids ate my dog! No lie!

(Then BritishMuscle beat up the steroids and saved the day – without cheating!)

Steroids are really bad. So you should not do them. Cause they will cause the following things to happen to you.

Increased muscle mass
Increased feeling of well being
Decreased recovery times at the gym.
Increased sex drive …gawd forbid that to happen --think of the poor women.

So please be aware of the evils of steroid use.

This message was brought to you by anti-steroid Dirtbag’s of Canada. Believe the media hype its all true. :wink:

I’d rather have a great “Quality of life” with the use of roids than to have “quantity of life” with the use of Lipitors, phosamax (females) and other shit that keeps my weak ass body living in a saddened state. Hell, even Anna Nichole looked better when she died than she did just a couple years earlier, and she was pokin’ some GH apparently… As they say, go out young and leave a good lookin’ corpse!

lol I guess their good AND bad. But roid rage is a bitch. lol I wouldn’t want to risk it for one and I only want to be bigger than the guys at the gym that don’t use them. I don’t have the desire to get THAT big, I just want to be out of the ordinary big.

I’ve never known an intelligent man that experienced “roid rage.” I’m convinced it’s either a myth, or limited to lesser men.

Or gnomes.

steriods killed my father and raped my mother

[quote]Contrl wrote:
I’ve never known an intelligent man that experienced “roid rage.” I’m convinced it’s either a myth, or limited to lesser men.

Or gnomes.[/quote]

I’ve heard people have gotten mad quicker while on Tren but nothing like blind rage.