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Are Skin Fold Caliper Readings Inaccurate After Cardio?

I checked body fat % from a trainer at the gym for free as they’re cool about it…

I know after lifting its a no brainier and will be way off as the muscles are pumped and it’ll show less pinched numbers…

What about after an hour of slow cardio?

A pump is not going to impact the results if it’s being done correctly in the first place. What method that would be effected would be the ones that uses electric resistance like the hand held devices . Due to the changes in hydration.

I mean skin fold calipers aren’t really accurate in the first place. It could be a decent way toio track measurement as long as you’re controlling all the variables like the same person doing it each time and the same set of caliipers, and doing it often enough to at least get an average reading

Yea I know. The truth is there no accurate way to check bodyfat% they’re all just an ESTIMATE. IFBB pro Greg Docette said Mr Olympia competitors are more like 5% bf not 2-3% like a lot of people think.

Glad we agree, so why sweat the small stuff if you’re just getting an estimate?

I use an inbody measurement. It’s no dexascan but it’s a measurement I like to use time to time.