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Are SARMs Legit?

I’m just wondering if anyone has used sarms and if they’ve gotten results or side effects. I don’t actually want to take them but I’m interested in what kind of experience people had with them and what sarms and pct people used if they even used pct. thanks!

General consensus (by those that do not directly benefit by thier sales) is that they are not worth it. They DO cause hpta shutdown, and do not produce the results that you see from AAS. Some have well-documented sides (cancer!), which is why big-pharma dropped them.

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SARMs work to varying degrees for different people. They are not going to get you the results you would get from AAS but they can aid in recomp (RAD140) or general bulking (LGD). Not as knowledgeable on the others so can’t comment. The garbage being peddled online and in subreddits claiming these are without sides or the sides are minimal is just tat, garbage. You will get suppressed, especially at the insane dosages some of these people are running. SARMs are best tolerated at lower dosages and and their efficacy does not increase with increased dosage.

While you likely wont experience estrogenic sides, test will drop and cholesterol level will be adversely effected especially with prolonged use. PCT is 100% needed.

In my humble opinion, as someone that has tried them, I would not recommend them. I felt no sides in my day to day life but bloods told a very different story with laughable low total test and cholesterol that would get me to the hall of fame if it was a batting average. Sure I put on roughly 20lbs over an off season running 2 8 week cycles with a dialed in diet and training routine but not worth it.

Hope this is informative.


I have anecdotal info only, having run RAD-140 and MK-677 for quite a while. The side effects were more pronounced than the benefits. Water retention and general physiological weirdness on MK-677. Gyno flare-up on RAD.

Anecdotal opinion – garbage.

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I will say first off, I’m fairly new here and also fairly new to the realm of experience with PEDS of all types though I do suppliments regularly now.

I ran two SARMS cycles before I got into my first AAS cycle.

The first one, I did S4 starting at 40mg a day and ramped up to 100mg, I did encounter the ‘yellow haze’ vision side effect at night, particularly driving by incandescent bulbs, they would be yellow in tint. It didnt cause me to much disorientation, so I stuck with it. The other minor side was it took a little longer to focus between light gradients.

I ran the S4 for 8 weeks, and I will say I felt good on it, I lost weight and was building strength, however I cant attritube that action to the SARM as I was increasing my intensity regularly.

I immediately took a natural test booster after the cycle, and never felt like I was down on my test levels. Its cheap, and minimally suppressive; start dosage small and use it along with a calorie deficit you’ll loose weight, and maybe keep some more muscle than if you didnt. That’s it’s niche.

Now after that, I did a cycle of LGD 4033… this is were I got greedy and I messed up. I ran 3 weeks, 20mg a day (10mg a day was supposed to be the high end dose). I planned to do 8 weeks, reason I stopped at 3 weeks, I felt lethargic and depressed. If I was putting on additional size, it wouldn’t be worth it for how I felt for the duration. I picked up the same natural test booster I used after the S4 cycle and then had blood work done right at the end of that (I should have waited a little longer, but it showed that herbs DO work if your HPTA isn’t damaged).Screenshot_20180318-215226

That was a day after I ran out of the test booster, also I did not fast like I was supposed to as I had a few beers late the night before, not shown my bilirubin levels where just above reference range.

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What were your test levels before you ran the LGD?

That I unfortunately never took…

I guess I’m not so critical of SARMS.

If one understands they are not the holy grail (defined as all plus, zero sides), that they do affect the HPTA, that they are not as benign on blood lipids or the liver as advertisers indicate, then there are potential benefits to be realized.

What benefits? Well, for the predominantly “natty” trainer, holding onto muscle when sick (flu for example) or during a cutting phase they seem to work quite well. As long as dosages aren’t too high and duration is not stupid, the sides can be controlled. But then again, this can be said of steroids too and the good old roids are simply many times better than these substances.

As far as MK-677 is concerned, I actually think this is pretty awesome stuff. Now, I don’t fool around with the high dosages others like to run around with…hell, I use 10mg on M.W.F only. That’s it. And for an old guy like me, this is all I need to reap some growth hormone benefits while minimizing the bloating side effects, the hunger one gets with higher dosage and more frequent use, and the insulin resistance from too much growth hormone.