Are Probiotic Supps Worth It?

Ive heard some poeple talk about these so i went to check out some and the local GNC. VERY expensise…are they worth the price?
anyone have any experience using them?

Isn’t that like yogurt?

[quote]trav123456 wrote:
Isn’t that like yogurt?[/quote]

ancient chinese secret…shhhhhh

While probiotics may be helpful, I’d maybe look more into proteolytic enzymes. They are the ones that bust up dead proteins… kinda a big deal.

Probiotics are essential if you’re getting over a treatment of oral antibiotics. I think that’s about it for being essential. Other than that I’d call them optional.

They’re usually expensive because they have a bigger variety of cultures in them besides the few varieties of cultures in yoghurt. And they need to be kept refrigerated to keep the cultures alive, so handling is more expensive. Remember, you typically only take one bottle. You don’t take them every day forever.

You might also consider some PRE-biotics, like fructo oligosaccharides (FOS) which is an essential nutrient for the biotics already in your system. FOS is cheaper.