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Are Pre and Post Workout Meals Important?

I don’t understand why eating before and after you work out is important as it takes hours for food to digest. Wouldn’t the food that you ate the day before be more important than what you eat the day of training? What am i missing here?

Pre and post workout nutrition and meals aren’t more important than your overall diet.

If the overall diet is on point however you can look to milk a bit more benefit by focusing on pre and post workout nutrition. Pre is to lift better and recover immediately and post is to optimise recovery.

The 6+ hrs quoted is for the full digestive process. For some foods some nutrients will be available much sooner e.g. as small amounts of energy or blood sugar levels. So these nutrients could go to fueling or sustaining the workout and immediate post workout for improved recovery.

Conversely pre and post could be done less well like eating a massive KFC meal right before the workout that will big you down.

There’s small extra benefits to doing pre and post nutrition better but not the be all and end all.

If you’re somehow limited in what you can eat pre/post workout nutrition become more important.

Like if you’re restricting calories to cut bodyfat and you lifted yesterday, you might need to eat pre workout for energy.

Or if you’re trying to eat minimum carbs it may be good to get them after a workout to “refill” your muscles.

If you’re a perma bulker, eating often and carrying food around in your pockets no one meal matters so much.

It’s not just solely about digestion. Insulin response is also a factor.

Gummy bears and a Sprite are going to affect insulin more than a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of whole milk. And immediately before/after training is when you can manipulate insulin to drive aminos towards muscle cells for growth and repair (preferably with something more efficient than gummy bears and a Sprite).

This info: https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/what-you-dont-know-about-workout-supplementation

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Thanks for the info I’ve learnt a alot here.