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Are Pohormones A Good Idea For Me?


I've read a bit through the stickies but there is a lot of information to sift through. I'm 34 and I've been lifitng about 14 months, I've done SS and now I'm using Wendler 5-3-1, I'm 5'9 202 lbs and my lifts are:

Squat - 365
Deadlift - 405
Bench - 285
Press - 185

I'm kinda bummed I just found this stuff at 34 past my prime but it is what it is. I've always wanted to try a cycle and see what kind of results I get. I can't get my hands on the real deal I would just have no idea where to look.

On a whim I bought:

Powerdrol - 10
Cycle Assist

I know I need a serm too either Clomid of Nolva, no idea where to get this internet I assume, not sure where to go without getting ripped off.

In a nutshell I was planning on doing a 5 week cycle and then the PCT with Clomid, am I on the right track? Is this stuff total BS and a waste of money or what? Thanks!


powerdrol id a superdrol clone im assuming 30mg for 4 weeks is pretty standard but can be harsh. add daa to the pct. if this is ur first cycle iwould try something more mild like epistane or hdrol which can both be run safely for 6 weeks with low sides at a pretty high dose


Depends on how you respond. I get no better results from 30mg of superdrol than I get from 15mg, although a lot of people say 30mg is their sweet spot.
At 15mg I drop some fat, gain muscle quick, and I respond better to superdrol than anything else for strength I think.

I usually do either a 2-3 week kick start to a cycle and/or the last 2-3 weeks of the cycle.

That being said, I think you should go ahead and do a test only cycle. 10 weeks of enanthate or cyp at 400-600mg a week. You can use the superdrol the last 2-3 weeks if you want, and save the next for a future cycle. Nobody ever does a single cycle lol

If prohormones and designer steroids (superdrol is not a PH it is an active oral steroid) are all you have access to, then 3-4 weeks at 20mg is all I would do. If you feel fine at 20 per day, bump it to 30 after a week.


Thank you for the replies, unfortunately prohormones or currently legal alternatives are all the options I have right now.

I may go with HDrol since it's apparently milder, may not be a bad idea since I am nervous about side effects and going bald with bitch tits. As for the clomid I'll just take a plunge online I suppose, seems to be quite a few places. From what I've read here it's about 40 mg for 4 weeks then down to 20 mg for two weeks? Is Clomid even needed with HDrol or just the regular PCT?


H-drol is milder but I never suggest OTC PCT. Unless you are on TRT do a real PCT. I would sell the PCT shit you bought to some idiot, personally. I highly doubt it will do anything at all, although you can use it along with the SERM pct if you want.

You are confusing the doses of nolva and clomid.. I would suggest nolva though. A good research company is where its at price-wise. The trick is finding a GOOD research company that won't be sending out underdosed shit.

You really need to actually do some real research. Take notes when you do it, with the names of the compounds and their associated use. Then later go back and research why they are used that way. Then research how they work and what they may have interactions with.


Thanks for the reply, I kinda knew the PCT stuff I bought was BS, I'm totally ignorant on this shit I fully admit.

Thanks for all the info, I know a lot of what I'm asking is redundant and asked all the time so I appreciate the replies.


the doses you proposed for your pct with clomid are nolva dosages (40/40/20/20) clomid needs to ran higher (100/100/50/50)


I ordered some Nolvadex and I'll wait until I have it in hand before moving forward with anything.

I'm going to give the powerdrol a shot, I'll go very easy:

week 1 - 10mg
week 2 - 20mg
week 3 - 20mg
week 4 - I'll decide if I want to do four weeks or not

Then four weeks PCT with the Nolvadex and see how I do and if I maintain the gains or not, if I don't maintain them without cycling it's not worth the risk to me.

Thanks for all your help.


Babalu, just posted for ya in the pro-hormones all ya need to know...


I received my Nolva in the mail, and I started the superdrol today at 10mg, I'm kinda getting cold feet. If I decide to stop after a week or so do I still have to run the SERM? I have no luck and I would bet I'll get every shitty side effect possible and totally fuck myself up. Will running the SERM if I didn't do a full 3-4 week cycle of the superdrol do damage to me?

Thanks again for your help I appreciate it.


FYI Clomid prescriptions are very easy to get from any doctor specializing in infertility issues. Just go when you know your sperm count is low (like during a cycle or post-cycle), and you'll have to beat off into a cup, and if your insurance covers fertility treatment, even better. Mine did and my Clomid was like $3 for a bottle of 24, which would be what, like $80 online?